Whatever Will Be Will Be, With Or Without You.


I view human beings as vessels, simply because I view myself as a vessel. I am unique, but so is everyone else. I am special but so is everyone else. I am different, but so is everyone else. What I offer to people through my uniqueness is something that I can offer to everyone. Similarly, what others can offer to me is something that they can offer to anyone. I am not better or worse than others. I am just different.

If I seek information, any vessel can deliver it to me. My quest for knowledge will bring the knowledge to me via any means necessary. There doesn't need to be a special entity to bring it to me. I will receive the information because I desire it. Nothing can stand in the way of this. If one vessel fails to provide me with what I desire, another will. Therefore, as U2 said, "With or without you..." desired results shall manifest. With or without me, people will live, be happy or be sad, if they so choose. I am not the desire. I am the tool through which the desire can manifest. The same goes for people, they are not your happiness or sadness. They are tools with which you can manifest your happiness or your sadness.

This is why I always find it highly odd when I hear songs and people say, "No one will ever love you as much as I did." as if their love is special or exclusive. Love is love. It comes through anything and through any time and place. With-holding love where love is desired is almost, if not completely, impossible. If love is desired, love will manifest. It is only a matter of time. I believe this to be true, and because of this, I have never been the desperate type, who holds onto things for dear life, due to fear of losing things. If things come, they come and I am grateful for them with complete humility, as I do not take things for granted. But, if things leave, I get disappointed momentarily since I am a hopeful person, then I soon shrug it off and maintain my desire until I manifest what I desire. Enthusiasm is not desperation. This can easily be seem with time. If people observe me enough, they will see that I have high desires, not high fear of loss.

Humans can not lose love because love is all over the place. Everything is love. So, it is just a matter of how you want the love to manifest. That is all. You can't lose love, you can't lose friends, you can't lose opportunities, you can't lose anything because everything is there. What might not be there yet is HOW you want to receive your desires. What might not have lined up yet is HOW you desire for your desires to unfold. But, as for your desires being lost, it can never be so. You can't lose money if you desire money. Money will come if you desire it. What could trip you up and take time is HOW you want to get money. If you don't know that, it might take you a while to get it because the universe is not bossy. The universe respects free-will and it gives you what you desire the way YOU prescribe. So, if you have not made a prescription of how you want to get money, the universe will wait until you DO figure it out. Once you figure it out, and are sure, and convinced without a doubt that your choices are how you fully desire things to be, then the universe hands it to you on a silver platter.

Indecision and not fully committing to our desires is why we don't manifest our desires. Once you have committed to the fact that you desire to receive money through fame, you will receive money through fame. Once you have committed to your desires, and once you have given yourself fully to that desire, and once you have decided that there is no other way in which you want your desires met except for the way you have chosen, your desires will manifest. So, it is uncertainty that makes us not get what we desire. Doubt, shame, guilt, fear and lack of thinking about our desires is why they don't come true. Changing our minds is our prerogative, but it also delays manifestation. Changing our minds is sometimes necessary in order to figure out what we desire, but once we have figured out what we truly desire, we no longer need to change our minds, and that is when we make things happen.

Manifesting our desires has nothing to do with the next person, or with the outside world. It has everything to do with our minds and what we believe we desire and deserve. So, when people THINK that they can hold you back, hurt you, deceive you or stunt your development - they can't because it is out of their jurisdiction. Your mind is in charge, not outside factors. Train your mind to be disciplined and not buckle under pressure, and you will manifest your desires. If you choose the same thing over and over, regardless of the circumstances around you, your choices will soon manifest. So, if you choose that you are worthy of being loved with respect, and settle for nothing less, and choose it whether you experience temporary loneliness, or temporary poverty,  you will eventually get exactly what you desired.

For example:

You are offered an opportunity to manifest your desires, but something is not going as you have always desired, turn it down. You will go without for a bit longer, but when you finally get what you desired, you will get it the way you desired, with full satisfaction and contentment. If you get offered an opportunity, but something is not going as you have always desired, and you take it, you may get some of what you desired, but not all of it. Alternatively, you might not get any of what you desired, and only get yourself complications that you could have avoided by turning it down, and be back to square one.

Of course, I am simplifying this. It is not always easy to turn things down, especially if you're hungry, or if there are people depending on you. It is also not very easy to turn down sub-par treatment when you don't know what A-Class treatment is. So, we compromise on our desires sometimes in order to remember what our true desires are, by experiencing something we don't desire. This is because, at the end of the day, all roads lead to one destination. All roads lead to love. We just take long routes there, or more tumultuous routes there, while we can take shorter and smoother routes there.

Veronnica dies. Inana Rises!
The reality is that, one day ALL of us will be happy. ALL of us. ALL of us will have our desires met as we discover what our true desires are. No one loses on Earth. We all win. The only thing is that we don't all win at the same time, or at least it doesn't seem that way. So, when someone says "You will never find someone who will love you like me," say this to them: "Thank goodness for that, because your type of love is not the love I am looking for." When someone says, "You will never be successful without me," say to them: "Thank goodness because I obviously didn't want to succeed with you, in this manner." And, when someone says to you, "I have knowledge for you that you are missing out on," respond to them by saying, "Thank Goodness because your learning methodology is not the most efficient for me." So, in essence, love, knowledge, power, peace and joy are not exclusive. Everyone can and will have these things when they commit to having them.

We will ALL eventually be happy. We will all eventually feel love and love others. We can not avoid this. It is why we exist. We will ALL one day know ALL. This is also what we are, all-knowing beings. There are certain things which we can choose, but being LOVE is NOT one of them. So, let us all be at peace with the knowledge that everything is a matter of time. We NEVER lose anything we didn't want to lose for long before we find it again. Periods of loss and fear are temporary and brief. Love is everlasting.

Love, Peace and Power of the Star of the Magi! 


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