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Spiritual Vigilance and Critical Thinking.


One who is not truthful is not a spiritual person, but flesh carrying a broken spirit. But, before we go any further, what is being spiritual, and do you want to be be it, or is it overrated?

Being spiritual is being loving, not just of others but loving of the self also. You need to love and know yourself in order to love and know others, and then simultaneously, you get loved and known by others. Being spiritual is being of benefit to others, adding value to other people's lives, but adding value because your cup runneth over with such goodness. Being spiritual is being truthful, filled with integrity and duty to serve, being governed by a morality that is conducive to one's happiness and that of others. It is living a positive life that does not cause pain to others. It is creative and constructive living which builds instead of demeaning, degrading and destroying one's and people's joy. That is my definition of a spiritual being. That is the life I committed t…