Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thanks To The One Who Spiked My Water!

"I AM. whatever you say, I AM. And if I wasn't, then I wouldn't say I AM."
Dearest Reader,

The world didn't end. Or did it? What is an end? Is it not the beginning of something new? If that is true, then, my life has been ending with every moment of consciousness, especially in the year 2012. For a very tumultuous year, I must say that I came out on top. I am in disbelief at how much joy I have in my life. I am brimming with energy, happiness, love and laughter. So, did the world end? Mine did. My dark, anguished, taciturn and broody life ended. My world did end. I died. I then got a glorious Resurrection into this moment. I died and I feel alive. That, my dears, is what death is. It is change.

I feel quite strange. Not in a bad way, but in a new way. I feel dislocated from what the world used to be, as if I am watching life and people in it, from a new, more distant perspective. I find myself saying things like, "They are still stuck in that pattern of thinking." or wondering "Why didn't they leave the old paradigm?" because I obviously am not living that life anymore. I feel strange because I am privy to seeing that people around me have not realized that the world is different.

Maybe the world isn't different. Maybe it is just my world that is different. I don't know. All I know is that I don't care. I am indifferent about those who are in the old world. I can merely visit or observe their world as an angel would, if I am called by their higher selves. The fact though is that I am no longer part of their reality, and neither are they part of mine, apart from these small moments when they call me with their hearts.

This all sounds quite strange, but let me tell you that, in one year, my life changed and I am sure that my deepest desires are manifesting. They are manifesting faster than ever. The time frame between dreaming, fantasizing, wishing and desire has significantly decreased. Now, I am not saying that I am a magician. All I am saying is that, my dreams are coming true. Things I don't like are disappearing. My reality is shaping up to be according to what I like. I am experiencing things I dislike very seldom. This is not normal according to the life I was used to. This is definitely a new world for me. Coincidentally, it is happening during the year 2012. But is it a coincidence?

I don't care whether it is a coincidence, to be honest. All I care about is the now. The NOW is delicious. It is beautiful. It is exactly as I have always wished to feel. It is exactly how I dreamed happiness would feel. If you have been reading my blog, you will see the journey of getting here. It was filled with ups and downs, uncertainties and anguish. Now, I am just sitting back, saying, "Thanks! Thank You! Life is Good. God is Great! Praise be to the One Infinite Creator."

Age of The Twinflame!
I don't have to understand how this is happening. I understand the that even though I have certainly left the 3D world I am used to, I am in a world that is still bound by Universal Laws. I can clearly see the Law Of Confusion at work. I can clearly see the effects of the Law Of Attraction. I am still bound by many Laws that bind 3D entities, but the shackles are looser. Yes. It is far more easier to be happy than ever before. It is far more fluid to be in the state of mind that I am occupying.

I have more love in me than ever in my life. The love is so vast that it can not help but want to multiply and expand within me and towards others. I also feel more in trance than ever before. Before, I would go in and out of trance state. Now I am in it almost constantly. I have no desire to be unhappy. I have no desire to be afraid. And just that alone makes me unafraid and happy. Just like that.

I think I figured something out. I am not sure what I figured out. Maybe years of meditation, seeking and working on spiritual growth have paid off? I don't know, man.  I am even laughing while I type this because it reminds me of Neo in The Matrix. It's like I am out of The Matrix, but I am no fully aware that I am. So, I am floundering a bit, but happily so. No, a better example is that it feels like I am in "What Dreams May Come." or "Sixth Sense" and I am dead but I am not completely convinced.

Hey, what if I am dead?

What if they are having a funeral for me. Or what if they had a funeral for me already. I mean... I haven't seen my family in a while, and I miss them, and I am not completely sure why I am not visiting them. I speak to my mom on the phone, but what if I am dead to them? What if the interactions I have with them are them dreaming of me?


Okay, I have an overactive imagination. It is just how I am.

Anyway, I have been observing humans from my room. I haven't left the house in over a week. I have seen some people. People have visited me, but I have not gone out there. What if I am in some spiritual holding room, getting ready to realize that I have died? What if my bedroom is not my bedroom, but a familiar mind construct that I am sitting in before I cross over?


A New Earth! Reality is, it's not this colorful. ;-)
Anyway, another thing is that I am totally besotted with my sweetheart. Maybe that's what I am feeling. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. Also... My body is awfully great! Like, what the hell is going on? My body is changing right before my eyes in record time. I am looking good. Pimples are gone. And, another thing is that, I am even more intolerant of food i general. I can only eat fruit, potatoes and water. Anything else doesn't stay down. It is as if everything that is typical of Earth as I know it is rejecting me. Or I am rejecting it?

Anyway, I am having a good time. I don't even know what day it is. I feel high. I feel happy. I am grateful and glad and I can name the things that make me so, but the truth is that, I am just grateful and not for any particular reason.

What is happening?


All I do is swoon and laugh all day. Occasionally, I will see people from the old world and give them love, but that's just about it.My friend Ntokozo was right. I do sound highly stoned. Problem is, I don't smoke weed, or take recreational drugs, no that I haven't tried them. It is just that, I learned a long time ago to feel high, high and dry. High on life.




Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What A Shitty Day

Dearest Reader,

I woke up about seven hours ago. I woke up feeling like crap. I had a very intense and severe headache. I had a migraine. Sure, if you have ever had a migraine, you know how this story is going to go. But, let me break it down for you, anyway. All I can say now is that, I am glad to be alive because I felt that I was surely dying. What helped was vomiting. Can you believe it? I am sitting here thinking, "Why the hell didn't I vomit earlier?"

Yeah, I vomited about twenty minutes ago, and for the first time today, I felt that there was a God. Before that, I was in hell. I have acute rhinitis, which is a sinus thing. So, because I am an optimistic control freak, I decided to not have painkillers around because "I don't need medicine. The One Infinite Creator will save me from pain."

Well, he didn't! Or at least not today. I have cried all day due to the pain. I have called people left, right and center to either take me to hospital or bring me medicine, and NOTHING! That's also why I was crying. I was feeling sorry for myself at being alone and far away from my family. I wailed! I wept! While I was crying, I am speaking to my guides, God, Jesus, my ancestors or any entity that happened to be walking by me, to help me and make the pain go away. Then, I got an idea and called my friend Kovin to bring me some medication because going to hospital would be a waste of money since I know what is wrong with me. God bless him, he came through, five hours later, but better late than never.

Then, I took the pills. One for my upset stomach, one for sinus problems and one for pain. This happened forty minutes ago. I chilled for a while and then something went awfully wrong. I felt worse than ever. I wasn't sure what my tummy wanted and above all these gastric problems, my migraine was still giving me gang signs, saying "I'm still here bitch."

Then, I went to the loo, looked at the toilet, put the seat up and vomited. I blew some major chunks. Then after that, I drank lots of water, and went back to the loo, and now I was in control. I was going to induce this second bit of vomiting. I did. I hurled, yeah. And by the grace of the Almighty, I don't know how I lived with such a lot of bile in me. The puke was bitter, and since I had not eaten since last might, there were no real chunks. There was just dark, green liquid, yo! It was bitter, it was menacing and I am sure that it was pure evil, a lovely gift from Santa... I mean Satan.

Anyway, right after that, even though my head still hurts, I opened my eyes and the PC for the first time today and Googled "vomiting bile" and yeah... It is migraine related, caused by sinus problems and so I decided to write this blog, just to say that I made it through the valley of the shadow of death.

Okay, although I am celebrating being okay, it is a bit too premature because my eyes still hurt and the computer screen is too bright. But, I feel so much better regardless of the pain that still lingers. I can even watch some tv now. *sigh* And, you should see me. I look like a refugee. My lips are dry, my eyes and my face is in need of nutrition and peace. I gave Kovin a fright when he came to deliver the pills. He has never seen me looking so ghastly.

I learned something very valuable during my drinking days, and that is: "You always feel better after vomiting." This big piece of wisdom was reiterated today. And, even though the Calvary was late to my rescue, I am very thankful now to be feeling better. I paid for a lot of sins today. I paid for ignoring my food allergies and eating chocolates like there was no tomorrow, for eating products with flour and milk as if I am not gluten and lactose intolerant. I suppose I rather deserve this shitty day, and now I am going to be even more vigilant about what I put in my body.

I swear, it feels like I have returned from the lowest level of existence  It was so bad that I didn't even tweet all day. Now, that's bad. I made sure I didn't call my mom because I didn't want to worry her and besides, she is far away and couldn't have helped. I was also close to calling her to say good-bye because I was sure that this was the end for me. I had written my goodbye messages for twitter, Facebook and here before my supposed death.

I don't like pain. It reduces me to tears. It also makes me delirious. I was saying to myself, "Oh great! Now you want to take me, just as I have found happiness on earth, You bastard, Universe, piece of shit! I beg you for years to take me and NADA, and today, you want to yank me from Earth? Screw YOU!" Yeah, I speak to the Universe, and the Creator as if we are the closest friends ever. That's when I said, "I can't die now. I still have love to give!" and that's when I asked for help from the Universe. Look, the Universe created me as a moody, temperamental person, so She didn't mind that I was asking Her for help right after I swore at her. And, guess what? I got help. I puked. Yay!

Shit! *closes eyes for a second*

I'm tired now and my eyes are sore.


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!

P.S. Yeah, Jesus Christ Consciousness was summoned. My mama indoctrinated me well, and I am thankful for it.

P.P.S. I forgot my Facebook password, so I think I will just leave it like that. Random, I know.

Monday, December 24, 2012

I Am Whipped! And I Like It!

Dearest Reader,

Picture this:

He runs whenever he can, and he also cycles long distances. In other words, he has a nice body. He is a nerd, but that is because he is very computer savvy. As a matter of fact, he is writing a thesis on computer codes, and zeros and ones... I have no idea what he really does. He loves music and is very much intrenched in the local music scene, hanging out and working with bands. He loves hip hop and has seen Method Man, Jay Z and other rappers live. He is into A Tribe Called Quest, and he has a very good sense of style. I would name the high end fashion brands he supports, but I don't remember them even after Googling them, because it was the first time hearing of them from him. But still... He doesn't wear anything branded visibly because he is classy. He is the type to wear rusty-red pants and a black shirt and a blazer. Yes, he has a very developed sense of style, and he is not trying to impress anyone.

Did I mention how intelligent he is? Yeah, we can speak for hours about this and that, but more importantly, we can speak for hours sharing wisdom and knowledge. Yes, you have read my blog for a long time, and it is clear that I am a know-it-all, but this guy can tell me things I didn't know, and give me a fresh perspective on time and space. He is wise. He is calm, but he has edge that says, "don't fuck with me". We are talking about a man who is very masculine but very in touch with his feminine side.

Have you pictured it yet? Is it highly sexy yet? No? Okay, I'll go on.

On top of all of his wonderful glory, he finds me attractive. He even finds my ugly side attractive. Well, I don't allow many people to my vulnerable place because other people have abused it, and this very morning he wrote me this text:

" I'm not going to abuse or misuse your vulnerability."

I think I fell for him right there! I mean, do you even know of a guy who can spell the word vulnerability and use it naturally in a sentence because that is his natural way of speaking? NO! Unless the guy is a writer, guys don't speak like this! 

Oh, how I swooned! I swooned and I prayed in thanks to the One Infinite Creator, to my Ancestors, to my guides and to Jesus Christ, for bringing me such joy and perfection. He is not phased by me. He does not compete with me. He is not perplexed by my extremist, theatrics

Instead, what does he do? 

Instead he tells me that I am beautiful. He tells me that I am sexy. He tells me how attractive I am, and when I hint at wanting to lose weight, he says, "Noooooo!" LOL! Oh, to be desired and accepted for my imperfections is such a gift. I can not take any of this for granted. I can't even dare think that it is common because I have been through all the douches and frogs who didn't turn into princes after they were kissed. 

He knows things about me that no one does. He has seen things that no one has from me. I feel safe doing so because I don't fear judgment or rejection. He has me so calm, that even when I freak out about this and that, he just has to say a few words and I am back to normal. What a gentle soul, but don't let that fool you. He is a red and hot-blooded man and looks it. 

What a joy to experience this. No matter what happens, whether this lasts or not. I have been honored by its experience. I feel like I have won the lottery, and I feel like I have won a prize for being most beautiful, most lovely, most intelligent, most everything. I really adore this man. I can't explain it more than this. The only thing left is to write a song inspired by him. I only write songs for people who touch me deeply about issues and topics that move me. His song will have a feel of Shania Twain's "From This Moment" I suspect. That's how epic this man is.

All I know is that, I had to write about him, even though I want to keep him to myself. I have written about less worthy men before, and here comes someone who leaves them eating dust and I don't speak about him? Besides, when I snap out of this dream, I want to be able to read back to remind myself that this was real and not a dream. I am happy, and not just because of him but because he and many other aspects of my life have just come together in harmony. Even if the world were to be in turmoil around me, I would always have a reason to smile because of him, my family and my other worldly blessings.

I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

The most cynical, most dark, and most pessimistic person I knew (me in the past) has grown out of the darkness and I am being rewarded for it. I mean, I am even thinking of having his babies! Don't worry! I am not in a rush to have kids, but I would have his kids without fear, without doubt and without hesitation. That, my dears, is uncharacteristic of me because babies scare the shit out of me generally. But, with him, my fears are banished.

Thank you!

I feel alive.

I am very grateful for the love in my life.

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.   

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Truth About Outdated Habits and Teachings

Don't be afraid of Love. It will never lead you astray!
Dearest Reader,

In a world where we have been programmed and indoctrinated to believe that skepticism, fear, guilt, obligation and doubt are useful thought patterns and emotions, it goes without saying why we find difficulty in being happy, peaceful and powerful beings who are in control of their destinies, because all these emotions that we have been taught to feel go against everything that is good about life.

We have been taught that if things are good, they are too good to be true. We have been taught that if we are not afraid, we are heading in the wrong direction. We have been taught that hard work is better than smart work. We have been taught that if things are not painful or challenging, they are not real or long lasting.

Personally, I think that there is some truth in what we have been taught but there is a big lie too in what we have been taught. You see, they don't tell us that the reason why good, long lasting relationships have a degree of difficulty is because life is cyclical and energy ebbs and flows. This means that, in a long term, healthy relationship, there will be times of euphoria which wane over time to be replaced by times of difficulty. The difficulties, just like the happiness are temporary, and both come and go. So, if you are unhappy all the time in your personal relationship, it doesn't mean that it is healthy, because it is not changing. So, to think that this is a good thing is to lie to yourself. But, to have periods of unhappiness in a happy relationship is very natural. This is because life is ever changing, and these changes are everlasting. These changes are part of your growth and part of your relationship's growth.

For a new cycle to be birthed, some labour pains will be experienced. For strength to be attained, the precursor is pain. For longevity to be attained, some changes need to be experienced.

Therefore, good things are not too good to be true. Good things merely don't last. Good things get interrupted by life dramas and the goodness may seem to have left, but it always returns. So, just be patient through the tough times and meditate on the new goodness that awaits you around the corner. Fear is not a prerequisite to happiness, but fear makes us aware of the downside of our actions and therefore, it is useful. Fear is only useful if it doesn't stop us from going after our dreams, desires and happiness. So, if you are not afraid of being in love, if you are not afraid of taking risks, and if you are not afraid of rejection and disappointment, but are aware that the opposite of your desires might happen, and you go ahead and do it anyway, then you are acting healthily. That is why they say that without fear we are being foolish, because fear shows us where not to go. If you know where not to go without fear, you don't need to be afraid.

Lastly, we have been taught that working hard, and suffering through situations is how we get what we desire. This is not true. The truth is, things that come without a challenge are not satisfying, and they are not easy to honour and protect. That is all. We don't need to work hard to get what we desire. But, we may have to work hard to keep what we have attained. That is why we have been taught to honour hard work. If you can attain and keep the things you attain without working hard for them, then you don't have to work hard for them. Fear is to protect us, not to prevent us from acting. So, if there is a war, fear is your armour which protects you from possible danger, it is not what makes us not go to war. When fear prevents us from going to the proverbial war, it no longer serves us. Also, fear is temporary. If it lasts longer than a day, it is no longer healthy fear which protects you from possible danger.
This is so me! LOL!

The point to this post is this:

We have been taught many things without knowing why the teachings are valid. This has lead us astray because we go through unnecessary pain when we can enjoy our ride towards success and happiness. We don't have to be afraid, we don't have to work hard, and we don't have to be unhappy to get what we desire. We merely have to be grateful for the things we desire and for the things we attain to keep them. What is the easiest way to learn gratitude? It is through knowing the pain, loss and difficulty of losing what we desire. The fact is, many people have learned to be grateful. So, they don't need to take the long route to get their desires. They no longer have to hesitate to go for what they desire because they have learned how to honour and respect their desires.

So, contextualize and make practical the things you desire, whether it is love, peace and/.or power. Once you have done that, you will see that acting through what you have been taught or through habit, might no longer be necessary because you know better now. You know better than to be afraid, guilty, obligated, doubtful or hard on yourself. You know better to embrace a good thing when it comes into your life, and you know better to welcome gifts, blessings and love into your life without delay or without pushing it away. You are grown up to appreciate goodness instead of fear the good things. You are good enough to have good things and be in a good space of mind. You deserve happiness without bending over backwards for it because you have learned to appreciate, respect, honour and enjoy love, peace and power.

Thanks for reading

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.
Lover, Loved and Winner.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Read: The Current Times. Fear Not!

Dearest Reader,

It is not that I am in a state of emotional turmoil that I write this blog. I am actually quite good in mind, body and spirit. I can't say the same for many others though during this time. You see, the beginning of the harvest is literally a few days from now. What is the harvest, you ask? Well, the harvest is when each individual human harvests themselves from all limitless possibilities, and actually chooses to reap the aspect of their being that is most who they are. It is a time when I AM becomes alive, and as humans, we become who we choose to be from the many array of possibilities. It is a time when we choose to be happy and be happy, or when we choose to be depressed and be depressed.

This transition occurs in varying ways, many of which are quite tumultuous, especially if you're holding on to a aspect of yourself that you no longer wish to manifest in your current reality. For example, if you still hold on to being an honest person but your deep desire is to be a dishonest person, or visa versa, you will have a bit of physiological manifestations that might be a bit confusing. Another cause of unrest will be putting yourself in situations that you no longer desire, situations that you subconsciously choose to be in due to addiction to such undesirable energy, or due to indoctrination and habit.

Your deepest desires are fighting to come forth, with or without your conscious choosing, and it might not be pretty, but please don't panic. It is just like labour pains before birth, any change comes with discomfort, and the birth of a new life comes with pain in most cases. The pain is fleeting and it is going to be a pain that you will be grateful to have gone through, so hold fast hope, and be aware that it will pass.

Symptoms that I am observing from those around me, from myself and from stories I am hearing are as follows:

  • Women's cycles are changing and are becoming in unison with other women, so don't panic and think something is wrong when your cycles jumps a few weeks. 
  • People are experiencing a lot of anxiety attacks, especially men. This is obvious because women cry all the time, so we generally have less anxiety than men, so what men have been bottling up all these years, ages and centuries is now coming out to the surface. Let us nurture our men kind and support them through this period.
  • People are falling in love, or being deeply infatuated with each other. This is a good tool to raise your energy to the required frequency. Don't fight it. Let it be. Don't judge the feelings, and don't repress the feelings you have, even if you're in love with a dog. LOL! Just feel the love. There is no need to have sex from feeling love, so that means you don't have to resort to bestiality if you're in love with your dog.
  • People are giddy, laughing and just in a state of euphoria. This is the flavour of the new person that is trying to come out. Let the euphoria take over. Don't fight anything.
  • People are more sexually aroused, especially men. This is just pent up energies trying to come through and release themselves. Do what you gotta do, as long as no one is hurt through the process.
  • Old friends are coming together. People who grew up with you, as well as your family, are part of your soul family. The coming together of people from your childhood is a way of offering support to one another. Let it be.
  • People are remembering things about their past that they had forgotten. This is also part of the cleansing of self. By remembering the past, you acknowledge it, and therefore, you can choose to let go of its hold upon you.
  • People are binge drinking because they are suddenly more stressed than usual, so they are partying more, probably taking more drugs and just trying to do what they can to cope. Rather not drink and take drugs at this stage, but if it is all you can do to cope, go ahead. Nothing is ever a train smash.
  • People are having nightmares, waking up in cold sweats and just general discomfort of unusual sleep. This is also natural. Your dreams are your subconscious allowing you to see it. Dreams allow us to tap into the memories that are present in our cells, our cellular memories, where we get to actually travel through time and remember the sins and actions of our heritage biologically. We get to visit our evolutionary road.
There are more symptoms and a lot of them are causing confusion. The trick is to not take anything seriously these days that passes through you. Just let it be. Enjoy it, if it is pleasurable. Those that aren't comfortable should also not be treated seriously. Just tell yourself that this is a passing phase and it is part of the cleansing.

The main thing to do presently is to remain calm, try to laugh as much as you can. Eradicate negativity consciously and don't depress yourself by being around people, places or situations that depress you. Try to be in calm, quiet situations where you are not pushed emotionally because even good intense feelings are not quite healthy.

I hope you are not judging yourself. Do what makes you feel good and calm, therefore, pray if that is how you get comfort, give thanks for your blessings if that is what makes you smile. Sing, hug someone, or sleep - but do what you must to treat your being with respect and gentleness at this time because you are a god, and you are about to rise like the pheonix from the ashes, again!


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.

P.S. I think I channeled this info. Not sure.  I wrote it in less than 5 minutes.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Block, Delete, Report As Spam!

Dearest Reader,

After the great progress that I have been making in aligning my actions with my desires, I have realized a few things, and the most important of these realizations is that there are people who have no business being in my life. Therefore, some time back, I did myself the favor of deleting people's numbers who's energy drained mine instead of building it. There are a few people who I need to remove from from life permanently, people who just make me roll my eyes whenever I hear from them, or people who drain and annoy me every time their name pops up on my messages.

I hope that in 3 months time, I could have tied all loose strings with these people because with some there is unfinished business. Then, I can get rid of some people forever. They serve no purpose. They just take my energy, abuse my vulnerability and also annoy the fuck out of me, and so, since I am in charge of my life, I have to ask myself why I speak to these people.

The problem with the past is that we hold on to it. We let people exist in our lives today due to past glories. The truth is, someone could have served a purpose then, and now they could have turned toxic. But, I am a loyal person, and it is tough for me to let go of people, especially if they had been helpful or kind to me before.

I really feel a new era of my life beginning. You would think that this new era comes with new people, but no! This new era is featuring a lot of the friends I grew up with, friends who have been loyal to me during my darkest hours, and people who just liked me for the fact that I was born, not due to anything else that I have ever done. Those are the people who are coming back into my life. I am happy about this. Those who had me in their lives conditionally seem to be going out of fashion. I am glad. So, with that, let me carry on deleting people's numbers and blocking people.

I really desire a joyful, simple life with love and respect being the flavor of each day. If love and respect do not feature in my relationships, they now feel uncomfortable, and I am glad. So, if I don't reply, if you can't through to me, if I am just silent - I'll call you, don't call me. And when I call, if you don't want to respond because of this decision I am making, I will take full responsibility for it. I am not afraid of losing people who make my life less than lovely. If that is considered burning bridges, than so be it.

I have never been afraid to burn bridges if burning bridges means that I am happier. I need to be true to myself. I need to be loving to myself. Having people who disrespect me and mistreat me, people who talk to me not when they desire to speak to me but people who speak to me when they desire something from me... I am killing those relationships as of now.

I am tired. I am not angry. I am just tired. I am tired of people lowering my energy. That is all.


Mutual, Grown and Sexy!

Dearest Reader,

When my feelings are stable, peaceful and joyful, I don't write much. That is my current position. When I am happy, I can't be bothered with writing, singing or even doing work. All I want to do is enjoy the feelings I have, and drown in them.

I will not analyze happiness. I only only analyze discontent. That is why I never have much to say when I am glad. Like now... I am just enjoying the ride, enjoying the relief of smiling when I wake up and smiling when I fall asleep.

I wrote this for one particular reason. I desired to put it out into the world and the universe in thanks. I am thankful that I am done with the darkness. I am thankful for the fun I am having now. I am grateful for the beauty I am now feeling, and all of this is because I was able to grow from the darkness. I couldn't care less about anything when I am happy. The world could go up in smoke around me and I would be smiling like a goofy idiot.

I am thankful to the source of this smile on my face. I feel very blessed because at the centre of my frustrations, I had forgotten how good it feels to be free.I am free. I am love. I am truth. I am peace. I am power. I am joy. All I do is think of what could be with a faith that can move mountains because unlike before, my joy is not so raw that it pains me. No. This joy is gentle yet deep. This happiness is fitting yet bold.

I thank the source of my joy. I don't care how long the joy lasts. I am just thankful that it happened. Rather that is happened for a short while than never at all.

Veronnica Wolpendz

Love, Peace and Power.

There is nothing as sweet as mutual attraction and admiration. :-)