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Read This If You Are Drawn To Reading It.

Dearest Reader,

If you are reading this, it means one thing: You are ready for a change because you do not like how some things are working out for you right now. It means that you need reminding about the basics. You need to remember that "love is truth is freedom is life is eternal", and that if one of these five things do not exist in your life, none of them exist in your life because they are one thing. Therefore, align your mind, body and spirit to achieve what you desire. Practice gratitude to attract more of the things for which you are grateful, and stop creating fear and disruptions in your life and other people's lives!

Do you remember now how you have lost the plot lately and how you are concentrating on things that do not serve your joy, or how you get sucked into things that don't lead you to your joy? Good. Now you can stop reading because the rest is just to give you an update on myself, and this is about YOU. If, on the other hand, you care about wha…