Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Reserved Demeanour is NOT Weakness!

Dear Reader,

A quiet warrior is still a warrior!
Listen to your (inner voice/ higher self/ the Holy Spirit) instincts. They know more than your limited human perspective. Listen to your heart. It knows the direction you should take better than any map, compass or GPS system in the world. Know yourself. When you know yourself, you know everyone else.

I don't hate anyone as I have said previously, because I am either very forgiving, or because I am too self-involved to care enough about anyone to go that far. Whatever the cause or motive, the result is that I hate nobody because it is a colossal waste of energy. However, I do have people to which I react very negatively toward, or people who I choose to react aggressively toward, because their energy is not harmonious with mine and because their actions attempt to manipulate me somehow and I can not be manipulated by humans! Then I react aggressively toward said people to make them stop their foolishness since any sort of manipulation is taken as a personal attack on being and it is taken as questioning my intelligence.

That is why you will find that different people will say totally contradicting things about the person I am. To most people, I am silly, quiet, kind, reserved and eccentric.I mind my own business, and I get on with my personal journey through life. To other people I am the devil's spawn, and even scary because when I am angry, or when someone challenges me to a dual, rest assured that I will not back down and take abuse from no one.Both these perspectives about me are right on the money.  I am nice, and I am equally not so nice. I am constructive, but I am equally destructive. I am warm and unassuming but I can be as cold and as swift as a blade.

People mistake accommodating people, like me, for push overs, and in my case, that is far from the truth. People also get so caught up in their own cleverness that they forget that a quiet, "naive" and loving thing like me could be smarter than they; "could be"... Sometimes, there have been those who are pulled the wool over my eyes, and many are free to try, but may fate have mercy on you if I find out, so just better not try.

I can smell a manipulative user from afar. I can smell out a person with anger issues, duplicitous behaviour, abusive people, damaged people, needy people, empty people, etc. etc. I can smell them, I can sense them and I am usually presented with two options: to help them by showing them another way, or to chastise them by reminding them who they are.  I can make calculations in my head and make deductions about your motives, before you even know what you are doing. I am not to be fucked with, but I am willing to fuck around with you and play with you because the bottom-line is that, all of our human interactions are just an elaborate game that I am stuck in, which I partake in to flex the different aspects of my human interface.

One must hurt to hurt another.
Therefore, whether it is anger, laughter, or whatever, it is a choice to feel it. Literally. I remember the days when I thought that people who said that we choose how we feel were speaking loads of rubbish, because at one point in my life I actually believed that these emotions were a primal reaction that I could not control. But, currently, it is all a choice for me, hence the boredom I am feeling from life in general.

 What the hell was I on about? I think it started with watching a TV Show called 3 Talk with Noelene. On the show today, they were talking about abusive people, people who manipulate people emotionally, spiritually and physically to over power other people and I just thought about my life and how I have met people like that, from both males and females, who think that they can USE other innocents for their PICK ME UP and energy boost.

That's what abuse is. It is energy warfare by manipulating other people's minds, bodies and souls. I was just thinking how I hate such behaviour because it is WEAK! It is a cowardice that I have no energy to ignore. The best thing for people who behave in this manner is to just avoid me and stay out of my radar (I must not know you exist) because WEAK people who pretend to be strong by manipulating other people are likely to get me descending upon them like a ton of bricks; not with an intention to harm, but with an intention to present an opportunity for change. I do not give a damn who you are, I do not give a damn what you are, if you manipulative in my presence, I will choose to act in a way that would make you uncomfortable, but in a way that is beneficial for both of us.

Now, here is something for you. It is cryptic, and a bit weird, but this describes me:

We walk among you...
"We walk among you. We have come to you because you have requested that we be here to teach/learn from each other. We are love, inner peace and power. We are not here to judge you. We are here to set you free. We have heard your call, and we are in your world and in your periphery because your deepest desires to be free, and our deepest desires to be of service, have brought us together in this space/time. We are constructive destroyers, created creators and loving foes. We know our purpose, God willing, may you know yours." 

Well, that is all for now.

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Funnies: An Open Letter to Sizwe Dhlomo

 Dear Sizwe Dhlomo,

Sizwe, oh, Sizwe! Where for art thou, Sizwe?

 Oh wait! I know where you are. You are on the telly, on the radio and on my twitter timeline. You are at the club on the decks, but where you are most is on my mind. Yes, you are undoubtedly my celebrity crush of 2011 and there is just nothing I love more than to harrass you on twitter, hoping for a response which I never get. As a matter of fact, harrassing you has become a part of my lifestyle that I think I am addicted to it. Curse my addictive personality. Curse it!

Michael Ealy

I have tried to replace you with other deliciously, hot men such as Michael Ealy and Chad Ochocinco, but it was useless! It didn't work. It would seem that you reign. You have filled very high shoes, because before you, Leonardo DiCaprio ruled supreme in my head. Time faded that crush, and when it was gone, I was left empty and wanting for someone to fill in the void, et voila, I discovered YOU one dark Friday night on telly early this year. I couldn't believe my luck! "A hottie! A hottie!" I exclaimed in relief, pleasure and excitement. From that day onward, you were mine, Sizwe! All mine!

Of course, there are things I am still trying to deal with, things I'm trying to wrap around my head about you, but fantasy love conquers all. You see, in my pretty head, you are not Zulu, because although I am Zulu too, the men of the Zulu tribe and I have not had a good history. Unfortunately, a few bad men made me afraid of all Zulu men, so in my head you are Tswana or something. Secondly, in my head, I don't keep hearing about how shallow you are. No! In my mind you are filled with depth, substance, humilty and spirit. Lastly, in my head, you are not gay, and this is not because you are gay in real life. I don't know and I don't care whether you are gay or not. They say that where there is smoke there is fire, but I am in fantasy love with you therefore all these "negatives" don't mean a thing. In my head you are straight and I am your kind of woman. Perfect!

Lately, I have been contemplating blackmailing you to have dinner with me. The problem is that I have no material to use against you, so that plan has been put on hold for now. I have also thought of being those weird girls that go to whatever club you are Dj-ing, but I can't handle clubs and I actually don't chase men, so that's out the window. But I think I have found the best plan and it goes as follows:

I am thinking of stalking you (or to hire someone to stalk you on my behalf. A private detective, maybe). I would park outside your place of work, in a tinted car with binoculars and a packet of 'Sweet Thai Chilli' Lays, and tail you home when you leave work. Then  after tailing you, I would mark where you live. The second stage of the stalking would be to break into your place and instead of going through your dirty laundry and sniffing your undies, I would instead cook you a wonderful dinner, set the table with candle light and roses, and leave. Then I would park outside your window in the bushes, and watch you eat the food I've cooked as I eat a sandwich in the cold, fantasizing that I was eating with you inside the house. The thing is: stalking is high maintanace. It is risky for a 'living la vida loca kinda gal like me because... WHAT IF I MEET YOU! God, no! I don't want to meet you.

mama egg and papa jizzlet

Meeting you would be awful because I am sure that it would be a disappointment. If I meet you and I am not disappointed, it would mean that you are the perfect man and none of those exist. Basically, you're better in my head, and that is where you shall remain. God forbid, I meet you and you turn out to be exactly all the things I fear, i.e. a gay asshole with a small mind. You would be useless to me then because I already have a gay best friend, I already know plenty of assholes and small minded people, so... Then I would be forced to find another crush, and let me tell you, crush material is scarce these days. Trust me!

Anyway, let me close by saying this:

Sizwe, that scar on your face is fabulous! You can't dance for shit, but then neither can I. Your mama egg and your papa jizz equals DYNAMITE!! Sheeeet! Gotdam, your parents know how to make babies! Jurrrr! Thank God for the tv show LIVE for bringing you into my life and all the best for the future. And, if you marry someone, I better not pull a Khethiwe (ref. South African soap-opera called 'Generations') and cut her with a butter knife!

Yours Psycho-Biatchly,

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love Peace and Power!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The time is 01:11

I'm typing this blog installment from my phone, and I started doing it at 01:11. I read from some eBook that this means that the Zeta consciousness is with me when I see the number 1 stand out that way. What does that mean? I'd tell you if I could use my laptop.

Yes, over a month ago, my charger's cord tore, and I haven't bought one since because I'm cheap and I believe that I should get one for free. I was close to getting one for free but the charger I hustled wasn't powerful enough to handle my laptop. So, I am still deciding if I should buy it myself or steal one. Lol. I'm joking. I don't steal. I am just so cheap that I can't get myself to part with money for something that isn't a necessity like perfume, or cosmetics, or jewelry. But, I think I'll have to just grin and bear it and buy the stupid charger. Crap!

Another thing that's going on currently is that South Africa is friggen cold and I can't sleep with anything more than a t-shirt and underwear. The temperature is -1 degrees Celcius, I was told. What madness is that? South Africa doesn't get that cold, does it? Or maybe it's because I'm always at the coast at this time of year? Who knows and who cares.

Thirdly, I have been looking for sperm donors, to utilise a decade from now, but people think I'm joking. :/ I never joke. I found a few people whose sperm would be great, but I dunno, these people would need to answer a questionnaire first and since they didn't take me seriously, I have no one to interview.

Okay, okay, I guess advertising such on twitter, it might be understandable why no one took me seriously. I did kind of say it in a colloquial way... "Hey, you! I want your jizz." so, the lack of response makes sense. Hmmm... Maybe next time I can say, "May I please have your sperm?" that would be better, right? *groan*

Lastly, I made friends with a bunch of professionals from India and we're having a jolly time together. So much so that tomorrow night we are playing poker or black jack. On Saturday, one of them is teaching me yoga and on Sunday we could get wild and naughty and they might teach me the kamasutra. Hahhaha Joking! Or am I?

I met my new friends in the tv room one cool evening, of the place (guesthouse) in which I'm staying for the time being. They arrived from India last month and I've been corrupting them ever since. They are so nice to hang with. They are funny, and intelligent and one of them, my favorite one, is hard to understand. We've been cooking together, eating together and so on. We all don't drink and smoke so it is awesome to hang without that getting in the way. For the past month they've familiarized me with NDTV, an Indian news channel and I am shocked and heartbroken at the unrest and pain going on in India. At the same time, I want to move to India for 2yrs to study yoga and such at an ashram. It's great for losing weight... and for evolving one's consciousness.

Goodnight my lovelies. There are no pictures because I don't know how to add them from my phone.

Happy Friday,

I love you guys a lot and thank you for reading. *mwah*