Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cancer Moon...

Hey there,

I have a Cancer Moon, and this is what I wrote about us Cancer Moons in 2008. Yes, It is 2013 now and I have been on this astrology wagon for quite some time. It is not a phase. It is a lifestyle. I just noticed that I wrote this a day after my birthday. :)

I'm a Cancer Moon.

I've been avoiding this topic for a while now because I didn't know what to say. But, here goes:

Whether I choose to love quietly or boastfully, I always love deeply and sincerely. I have never loved and found myself unsure whether or not I was in love. The intensity of my love is unchanging, but the ways in which I express my love are never the same, and one could call them tumultuous. I mean this literally, which means that I am unpredictable in the way I express my love or my desire.

I will sometimes show my love by protecting my object of my affections, usually by protecting their name, their honor and reputation. (I seldom fight to protect my love's "physical body" because I am a woman, and usually he is stronger than me.) I don't know how many people I have chastise because they spoke ill of the person I love (friend or lover). It literally stabs my heart when my beloved is wrongly accused, and my Cancer "protectiveness" always rushes in like an Amazonian warrior and fights for that which is "hers"... yes... my beloved is "mine" and my Cancer moon makes me a little possessive of him. I will never show or act possessive, but inside it is there.

It is of vital importance that my beloved is comfortable at all times. So, I will fuss. I am not sure whether this is from my Virgo Sun & Venus, just as I am not sure if the possessiveness is from my Moon or my Scorpio Asc, Mars, Eros & Jupiter. But I fuss over my beloved by making sure that he is on time, that he presents himself well to his colleagues by hosting parties for him if need be, or by reminding him of things he might have forgotten. I think that's the Virgo organizer though.
I am the type who asks questions such as:

"Have you eaten?"
"Are you warm?"
"Do you need anything?"
"Can I run you a bath?"
"Can you come closer so that I can fix your tie?"
"We are meeting so-and so for dinner tonight, you white shirt is clean and ready, okay?"
"What kind of pie would you like today? or... if I am tired "we are having some stuff from the deli..."

I don't cook aaaall the time.  and I believe in house keepers so that I can concentrate on fussing over him rather than cleaning toilets and getting myself tired enough to cancel sex out of the relationship. And I work weird hours so...

okay, moving on...

I am also the type to hold hands in public, would NEVER look at another man, literally never ever look at another man in my man's presence. I don't care if Orlando Bloom is walking by. Why? Because I would never allow for my beloved to feel insecure. You see, we Cancer Moons really identify with human emotions, so it is rare that we would do something hurtful to someone we love because we know how it feels.

As a Cancer moon, his happiness is my happiness... And his bad mood is mine too because I project a lot of people's emotions.

For me, if I am truly in love, my comfort and happiness usually come second, although I am learning to break that habit. This martyr syndrome of mine would even drive me to the point of losing my beloved for the sake of his happiness, if his happiness is not with me. Some mistake that to be a lack of will to fight for the ones we love, but it is not in my eyes. When we have a chance to fight, we will fight. Remember, with all said, Cancer is a Cardinal sign.

Also, as a Cancer Moon, love usually hurts because we seldom find a person who can tread gently enough on our hearts. As a Cancer Moon, I need to be reassured that I am wanted or else I leave, licking my wounded heart on my own in some corner. I can not be in an unstable environment where I am not sure what I mean to my beloved because my emotions are already very unstable, therefore, to love freely, I need to be safe enough to let go. If that makes sense.

You will probably never see a Cancer Moon cry, believe it or not... but we crave and hope that someday we can be safe enough to cry in front of you. We need to trust that you will not turn around and use our vulnerabilities against us, and so... when we are in love and when we trust, you can see it by us showing our emotions to you, the good and bad ones. If we don't show our feelings to you, it probably means that we do not trust you yet.
That's why my acquaintances know me as cold, no nonsense independent woman etc., but my man will know me as that, as a softy, as childlike and... as a psycho b*tch when worried or on PMS.

That was me 5 years ago. I must say that I haven't changed much.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Back To Work...

I need to cut down on Tetris.
Hey there,

Okay. I don't have an album out yet. Any material I once recorded was a demo. I am in pre-production with Native Rhythms and Sony Music. I am only focused on one thing: Making good music that can have an audience locally and world-wide.

In a month, I am going on holiday. In a week's time, I go back to studio. In the meantime, my significant other just landed a huge project which he needs to get done as soon as possible so as not to eat into our holiday. This means the following:

  • It was nice knowing you
  • I will see you in August
  • I am not concerned about anything or anyone who has nothing to do with my career.
  • The only people that I have social time for are my family, my few friends and my partner and work colleagues.
This means that, if I was self-involved before, I am about to get even worse. I won't even listen to other people's music during this time. During Isabel Novella's launch yesterday, I realized a few things. I realized that I am not allowed to produce a mediocre product. I was reminded that people have given me a chance and it is time I prove to them that they didn't waste their time on me. Lastly, I have realized that this is real. This is very real. I have no time to be anything but the best. Fortunately, I am ready.

Therefore, please excuse me as I am not present. I am working for that legacy I hope to leave behind upon my death. I am also working hard for those who are anticipating my music. Basically, I am making things get real. I am planning to push myself artistically and vocally. I am planning to increase the circumference of the fringes of my understanding of who I am, and what I am capable of.
I need to stop thinking about useless, random things and think of music

I plan on doing this with my usual focus, perseverance and determination. With hypnotherapy actually helping me get rid of my panic attack and performance anxiety, I can safely say that, I am more lethal than ever before because there are fewer things holding me back from grabbing my destiny and accepting my greatness. It's also time for me to fly as high as I desire because we live in such times where dreams are allowed to come true.

Thank You for your understanding, support and love. I don't take any of the thoughts you have towards me for granted, because I capture them and use them to fuel myself forward. I do this for myself and for the greater good because I truly believe that my music came through me, at this time of our evolution, not just for my personal enjoyment, but for the world to hear.


Beautiful Women!!

Hey there,

I once did a list of men I think are absolutely gorgeous. Now I am doing a list of women I find absolutely gorgeous. These women are just stunning. Their faces are like a beautiful sculpture that represents what human Earth women are.

These women are those few women who make me do a double take whenever I see their images, making me want to draw them, or watch them as my eyes absorb and lap up the exquisite geometry of their faces. I hope you enjoy the list below, of ladies who I would hit on if I were a lesbian.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. Aishwarya Rai.

From India, she has always been one of my favorites. I love her!! 

2. Pearl Thusi.

From South Africa, her face always gets me.  She is gorgeous. 

3. Angela Bassett.

From America, I have no words... Her beauty is just unquestioned. Those lips!! 

4. Angelina Jolie

From America, I can not deal with such perfection. Wow! 

5. Iman

From Somalia, she proves that women from her parts are the most beautiful in the world.

6. Kim Kardashian

From America, I personally can't believe that she is so well designed and constructed. I want to paint her.

7. Nandi Mngoma

From South Africa, she sings like an angel and looks like one. Beauty!! 

8. Simphiwe Dana

From South Africa, she is a songstress with style, beauty and heart! I love her bone structure too. 

9. Naomi Campbell

From the UK, need I say more. She is one of the most renowned super models. So, so beautiful.

10. Olivia Wilde
American actress and former aristocratic and royal. She is stunning!!! 

 There we go. There are others that could have made the list, but I couldn't think of them. These women take my breath away. They are art. They are meant for art expression. They are the definition of physical beauty as far as I am concerned.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crashing Parties.

:) Something about me...

The owner of the record label I am working with asked me whether I was not attending a launch for one of the artists from the label. Matter-of-factly, I said that I didn't get an invitation, and therefore, why would I. As a matter of fact, I don't think I would ever go to even a family member's event if they didn't tell me to come. 

I believe that it is rude to impose oneself on other people especially in their own space. What if the person was uncomfortable with you, and now you have asked them to attend their event - and thus putting them in a weird position where they feel uncomfortable and uneasy, even unable to refuse you attending their event, because you have pretty much put them under pressure.

The Rule IS:

No Guilt. No Fear. No Obligation.

So, always try to let people desire for you to be in their space before you just arrive. Otherwise, you risk taking the quality of their day away and making what was a special day for them into a stressful day for them. Don't guilt people into having you in their space. It is rude and inconsiderate. Don't make people afraid of anything. Also, don't make people obligated to have you around them. It might spoil their time.

Instead, spread happiness when you can. Be considerate, and remember that it is not about you. Be empathetic that, your greatest gift to other people is by not being around them. Be nice, in other words.

Afterwards, I was sent the invitation because it seemed as though by not asking to attend, I didn't want to. This was not the case. Now, not only the host, but me as the guest, can have a better quality of time at the party because no one feels unwelcome and no one feels burdened with an unwanted guest. Everybody is happy.


It is not about wanting special treatment that I insist on being invited directly. It is because I think about all these things. To not think about such things is poor etiquette and bad manners.


Yep... This One Is A Mind Fuck If You Can Read it all...

Humans are liars.

It is only after your death that they profess how much they would have saved you.

In life, they watch you die,
In fact, they loved watching you high,
In life, they pulled back as you reached out,
In death, they'll say you didn't speak out.


When you fought to live,
Thrashing your legs trying to gasp for air,
Having meltdowns and pulling at your hair,
They watched, and laughed, and had no fucks to give,

The erratic behavior and the dramatic mood swing -
Was your way of saying "I am so damaged I don't care who sees".
Your last sting was your death, like that of a bee's
But they loved watching you die as it was what made you sing.

LOL! I suck at writing poetry.
But I've got no one to judge in my solitary.
If they didn't perceive that I was giving out my last breath
They won't see my words or my cries at my death.

Humans are liars.

It is only after your death that they profess how much they would have saved you.

Then at the memorial, they'll be competing for the spotlight
Vying to seem as if they were my best friend
Making it about them and not about my last rite
When it should be of how I fought to live that got me this end.

Indulging themselves yet again at my expense...

yeah... :)
I gave up on rhyming,

*takes a bow*

If this was my last bit of writing, strangely, I would like to die after enjoying a cigarette. Unfortunately, I don't smoke. In a perfect world, I would print this out, light a cigarette, light the poem on fire, and watch it burn. Then, since the poem is a suicide note of sorts, I would then have either poisoned myself with cyanide, or even better, I would have taken a whole lot of pills with vodka, because vodka and pills are the glamorous, exit strategy of choice.

Do you know why so many promising artists die? They die because they were quitting their "destructive" lifestyles to please you, people! They die of seizures, or from experiencing too much pain from withdrawals. Their lives are so dark at that stage where they have put YOU first before themselves to "save" themselves, and that very attempt to clean themselves up for YOU is why they die. They die for you, you thankless blackholes, who do not appreciate their art enough that you feel you have to ask them for more, by asking them to live according to YOUR desires.

Well, see here...

If being an artist was easy, everyone would do it. If it was easy to carry the burden of such, then yeah, everyone would do it sober, eating vegetables and drinking filtered water like an innocent child. But, unfortunately, to be the way we are, we were broken down, trodden, damaged and diminished to nothing. Then art came and saved us. Our art is what keeps us alive now, and your rules of health and what is right do not apply to us anymore. We are not like you. If we were like you, then you too would be as we are. To each, their own.

You like that we are dark, troubled, melancholy and slightly out of reach, right? Well, that is because we are fucked up. That is why we are so attractive. Fix us and you kill us. That is the truth. That is why they all died, and that is why they will keep on dying. They... We... We die trying to please you, because after you are so attracted to our energy, you refuse to accept that it comes from darkness and ugliness. You refuse to accept that, the brilliance is not of YOUR world. So, you try to change us, and "CLEAN" us, and that's how you kill us.

Like your Messiah, you kill, kill, and kill the light that we shine because it does not operate by your standards. You kill us because you want us to change and be like you. What you must understand is that once art saves us, we are no longer like you. We died a long time ago. Sometimes, even we don't realize that we had died until much later, because we look the same... but we are not the people you once knew. After art saved us, we thrived on the things that kill you.

Amy, She didn't want to go to rehab, hey... She even made a hit out of it.  And look what happened when she did go. She died of trying to please you. You would be surprised how simple the life and death of an artist is. The artist lives a very short life as a human and a long life as an artist...

The artist begins as human. Then they die. They get given a second chance of living by being revived by their art. The art is their resurrection into your world again because if art didn't save the artist, then the artist would not have "lived". In the New World, like a vampire, they look the same, but they no longer get sustained by the same things they once did when they were human. I make it sound so awful, but it isn't really. It isn't. Instead, it is true freedom, i.e. the ability to get life from "death". It is not death when it gives us life, though, is it? It is death to you, because it kills you. To us, death is life giving, because we actually died a long time ago.


Monday, June 17, 2013

When I AM A Mean, Crazy Nutter.

Hey there, 

When someone accuses me of being an a-hole, I seldom deny it because I know I can be one. I don't take shit, I have been told. This is true. With the life I have had, taking shit from people is the last thing on my "To Do List". I can be sarcastic, cynical, and I also roll my eyes, because I am impatient with people. Patience is not a natural virtue for me, at all. 

Now, let me tell you a secret.

When I am being an a-hole, one or more of a few things are going on within me:

  1. I am afraid
  2. I am insecure
  3. I am tired
  4. I am annoyed.
  5. I am hungry
  6. I am hormonal
So, instead of crying, like a normal human beings, I lash out when I am put in a position that makes me uncomfortable. I should work on that, as soon as possible. Actually, it is why I am currently on a meditating marathon.

My recurring dreams lately have had me feeling points 1 to 4. Yes, something as little as a dream can get me feeling beside myself. The other week, I dreamt of cheating on my boyfriend, and I was so pissed off at myself and at him for it that I was paranoid for some time. I hated that dream because I don't want to cheat on my boyfriend, and I don't plan to. What the dream did do was make me afraid that if I can dream it, I can do it. So, I felt insecure, questioning myself, wondering if I am capable of it, and with more obsessing about the dream, I got less sleep, and I got tired. Then, I became irritable. I mean... I was in a state, and all of this was happening while I am going all over Johannesburg, applying for Visas for my holiday next month, and opening companies for new businesses. I was on edge. I don't care that it is a dream. It is still me. And, yes, I judged myself harshly for it. 

When I told my boyfriend about the dream, he laughed it off and just said, "Well, that dream tells me that you need more loving from me..." and he said that with calm, and grace. I had to ask myself whether I was overreacting with the anxiety caused by the dream. A few days passed, then I also started forgetting about the dream. I started to relax. I got my documents, and everything was going ahead swimmingly.

Then, a week later I dream of a guy I used to like? Then another one... What the hell?

Now, that just pushed me off the edge, because here I was thinking, "OH MY GOD, the dreams are coming true! My adulterous, sneaky, life is about to befall me.  I am gonna cheat on my boyfriend with a guy I used to like, and wreck a very good relationship. I really don't want to but my dreams might make me. Curse, my loins! Curse the fire of passion that will jeopardize a relationship I treasure more than most."

Of course. This is ridiculous from a rational mind, but I am NOT always rational, am I? I dreamt of two guys I used to like, and I felt like a tramp for it. I felt so bad. I felt like I cheated on my boyfriend from dreaming of these two. And, the dreams were innocent! But, with my rep sheet of adultery, even an innocent conversation in the dream world was something I was suspicious of. 

So, as per ritual, after I dream of a person, I tell them about it because my dreams are useful. So, I tell the guys about my dreams, which were INNOCENT, but like I did with my boyfriend, I was annoyed at the guys for dreaming of them because they are the cause of my downfall. The bastards! How dare they tempt me. 


I know... I am not making sense... Maybe I am. At this point, I don't care. 

But, like the a-hole I can be, I told them of the dreams, and explicitly expressed that it means nothing! I bet the guys were like, "Of course it means nothing" because they didn't know that I dreamt of cheating on my boyfriend a week earlier. After the dreams, I sat with myself, evaluating myself, wondering what skanky darkness lingered below my surface. I have never cheated in my entire life. I pride myself on that. It is just something I like to pop my collar about. I have never even cheated in my dreams. So, all of this was unnerving. Also, it opened another point, i.e. What if I DO want to cheat? Will I stop because I don't cheat, or will I stop because I don't want to hurt my boyfriend? None of the reasons are good enough, by the way, because to me, the only reason not to cheat is lack of desire to cheat. Otherwise, what's the point. So, in the dream, I wanted to cheat, and once I want something, nothing can stop me from going for it, other than changing my mind and not wanting it anymore.

Okay, so here is the bottom line: I am acting like a douche towards you because MY MIND conjured up images of you. Of course, I can speculate and say that it's not my fault, but that's not all true. I allowed the dreams to happen, THAT'S the bottom line.

I am such a nutter. I really am! 

The daily quality of my life has been reduced because of what my mind does when I am asleep, and to top it all off, I am annoyed at innocent, unaware souls for something they didn't do. I'm pissed off at the real people for doing something in my dreams. Yes, that's the insane bottom line. 


So, now I am sitting here feeling bad for flying off the handle about something that didn't happen. And, it's not just my boyfriend and these two guys I am dreaming of. No! There are others that are non-threatening that I am dreaming of. It's just that, with the others, I have not been pissed off about it because they were female.

I remember once I dreamt of having a lesbian fling with Alicia Keys. For a good week, I doubted my sexuality. *sigh*

Anyway, this shit doesn't fly. I can't be angry at people because I dreamt of them. I mean... I should not. I can, since I have done it already, but goodness... It is so immature. I become so mean. I disgust myself. It is not on! The hypnosis is probably the trigger for these dreams. (I started hypnotherapy). So, with that, I am going to meditate, pray, find a way to forgive myself and try to put this silliness behind me. I am acting as if I don't have important things to do. 


Is life so great that I have to create dumb drama like this? I am sure people have proper problems, and I am acting like a spoilt, little brat for making something so trivial actually occupy my mind, and influence how I treat people. 

What on Earth?


Well, I never claimed that I was fully sane, so I didn't mislead anyone. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Haunted By Dreams.

Hey there,

I have been having troublesome dreams. They are not nightmares, but because I know that my dreams are usually portents for major changes in the people's lives that I dream of, I often worry. In the past, it used to be more confusing and frustrating when I dreamt of one person over and over, because I would be alarmed, thinking that the dreams had something to do with me, when in actual fact, the dreams had nothing to do with me.

I dream about people before major changes occur in their lives, usually for the better, but sometimes, the changes are distressing. It is usually related to matters of the soul, when huge transformation occurs through love. Love can transform a person through romance and lovers, or through children, pregnancies and sometimes, through both. At other times, the changes occur when a huge lifestyle change is about to occur to the person I dream of. So, since these dreams began to make sense to me, I have always tried to speak about them to the people involved because they seem to haunt me until I change occurs.

Fortunately, I know my purpose and why these dreams come to me. The simplest reason is that, I can actually interpret them. I can actually tell what they are, why they are and what I should do about them, so, with that ability, I think these dreams come to me because I can decipher them. Also, I think the minds and energies involved know that I have no shame or fears regarding the dreams, therefore, I will tell the person involved in the dream. If the dreams were useless to me, they wouldn't come to me. Just like how ghosts haunt those who can see them, dreams haunt me because I can understand them, to a certain extent. I mean... I am no pro. I still have to sit and analyse the dreams before they make sense. I also need to meditate a lot for discernment so that I know how to proceed regarding the dreams, so it is work and time, and trial and error as I slowly get the hang of it.

Years ago, a friend of mine (not so close then) started showing up in my dreams regularly. In my dreams, we liked each other and enjoyed spending time with each other. The dreams were never sexual, and so far the dreams I have are never of a sexual nature, but they are always of a deep friendship and chemistry. I dreamt of this guy I went to school with for a while. I didn't tell him because I was afraid. I did eventually contact him, only to find out that he felt that he should leave the country and work overseas because South Africa didn't present him much joy. He was depressed. And I waited to tell him, and by the time I told him, I thought I was too late because he had left the country.

I kept on being connected to him until we developed a friendship. It was so confusing then because I dreamt of him often, so much so that I thought I liked him romantically. The truth is that I didn't. A year later from the onset of the dreams, he met the love of his life, and I went through a heartbreak which soon ended faster than I thought. We became friends again after I was "over him", and then our friendship truly began because I then became a catalyst, also an ear to listen, for much of his emotional and psychological evolution. We discovered together that he has repressed memories that I identified because I would remind of him of times together as kids which he didn't remember existed. This worried me. We delved so deeply into his psyche until we came up with huge breakthroughs.

Without going into detail, he was able to discover and deal with a lot of abuse he experienced as a child, and he and I know that, I pretty much pushed him, unintentionally to delve into that part of his life, because somehow, I knew that he would never grow to his full potential without doing so. Once he had opened that can of worms regarding his past, my dreams of him ended, my connection to him cooled off, and from talking every day, now we only talk once every three months or less, especially since we are both in relationships. It was always a one sided relationship where I felt that I gave more than I received, and I resented him to some degree, and so, even though it is a pity, I am glad that he has his own life and that I don't have to be the wounded healer who doesn't get to be healed too.

Now, I am in a happy relationship with my guy, who I adore, and in the last two weeks, I have had recurring dreams about two guys I know, both I am not close to, but both I have had good chemistry with to know that there is some sort of connection that I have with them, whether it is negative karma to balance or positive karma to enjoy. Both connection are not sexual. They are just strong. That is all. At this early stage of the dreams, I usually just share the dreams and watch. Unfortunately, they have not stopped, even after sharing them. I am personally not in the mood of sharing with those who resist. I mean, even in the example above, it was not very easy to get to be emotionally intimate with this guy who is now one of my closest friends. It took a year of one sided communication until it clicked to him that, "hey! There is someone here trying to connect with you and it is not to hump you." If it wasn't for the fact that I thought I liked him, I wouldn't have bothered trying to talk to him about the dreams. Yeah, I liked him but didn't find him attractive, even though he was attractive.

In these recent cases, I don't like the guys in any way more than platonic, hence I mentioned that I am in a happy relationship. So, inspiration to talk to these people is very low. The desire to work through whatever it is that is making me dream of them is also something I am quite willing to ignore because I am not really concerned. What I am experiencing though is irritation of being haunted by dreams of people who are less than acquaintances to me. Another problem is that, although I accept that I am a weirdo, I don't need to prove it by telling random people that I dreamt of them and that I think that we have some spiritual work that has to be done through me.

I know that once the universe wants certain things communicated, it will choose a vessel or a messenger to send word. If the messenger fails, another will come. I think that I will try to fail this mission so that someone else can take care of it. I know that the message is bigger than me, whatever it is, but still, I am finding this tiresome. I don't even get paid for this, but maybe I am the one paying a debt to these people for the kindness they showed me in a lifetime gone by, so...

So, I will venture out and risk to sleep. I hope I don't dream of them again. Contrary to the past, this time I am getting more than one person at a time. Before these two, it was another. Like my first dream subject, these guys seem clueless about spiritual work, the mind and meta-physics. The first guy was an atheist, and to tell him that I was connecting to him and his higher self through dreams was quite a challenge. It was only after 4 years that he said to me that although he was an atheist, he now understood what I was about when I told him that although God is not a bearded guy in the sky, God exists, and that God is energy, Universal love, which is tangible as much as it is not. Since then, he has been exploring the mind, working on his scars, and tapping into his inner God.

It was helped by the fact that he fell in love. So, falling in love, my meta-physics influence and his high IQ was able to make his atheism to be spiritual, than to have an atheism that was a two legged tripod. Science and spirituality are the same thing if you have the ability to see that, and slowly and surely, his heart chakra opened. Of course, in any healing work, the healer is also healed, so my friend also helped me work on a lot of my stuff. All these things were sparked by my dreams of him. If it wasn't for those dreams, I would not have spoken to him, and we would have missed out on this experience.

Although it was enriching, I don't want anymore experiences like these. I would like to be selfish for once in my life and concentrate on myself, and be happy. I resent the fact that I have to be forced to care about others, when they probably don't care about themselves, when I have so much that I would like to do with my mind rather than analyse dreams and so on. I would like to spend my mind's memory on making memories with my guy, on making new songs, and on enjoying my life, not on people who do not appreciate or even fathom what work it is to dream, interpret, and make useful the things I dream of about THEM.

I don't even get a thank you. So, I hope writing about it, and letting the frustration out of being bombarded by people's energies can stop it somehow. I'd like to look after those who look after me. I am not Mother Teresa. I don't have time for pro bono spiritual work and such, especially from those who didn't ask for it. At least my first dream subject was polite. These latest ones are not well mannered. The other didn't reply and the other laughed at me, so... That's the thanks I get.

Anyway, let me sleep.

I hope I sleep in peace.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update: Inana

Hey there,

Here are a few words from me. I was lazy to type, so I recorded something.

An Update From Inana

Inanna, Sumerian God of the Annunaki

Monday, June 3, 2013

Science is Magic

Hi there,

This is something I posted on twitter, and this is the absolutely cool reply I got for it. When you have time to think about it, you will see how true it is:

That is all for tonight. I have an early morning, and I just wanted to share this very special Twitter moment.




Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Night Is My Time Of Action!

How pretty!!

I might as well not buy a diary. I will just carry on using Google calender.

It feels like just yesterday when 2013 begun and I was noting to self to buy a diary for scribbling my appointments. Now it is June. Half the year has passed. I swear, time is faster. Minutes and hours have become shorter. The earth's axis has definitely moved so much that the seasons are no longer in the same place as they once were. The solstices and equinoxes have changed. I can see this by observing weather patterns in both hemispheres (northern and southern). I can also just feel it in my bones. I bet I am right.


I am going to put on the tv for the first time since Friday in a few minutes and fix myself a snack. I am just going to note a few events on the calender for next week first and see if I can relax now. I am not stressed. I have merely been using my brain and I would like to stop using it now. Of course, sleep is more useful than watching tv. In fact, watching tv is fattening and sleep is slimming, but I would rather sleep a bit later. Not now. Right now, I am just chewing on the stuff I bit off on my last stint of sleep because I had very vivid and telling dreams that need deciphering and understanding.


Oooohhh, pretty!
I hope my request to record at night pulls through. I can't function creatively during the day. The sun and day time are not a time for being creative for me. The day time is for doing right brain activities for me, like doing practical things, like paper work or even physical work, personally. Or for sleeping. It is not a time for left brain, romantic, ethereal and otherworldly things like music, exploring the subconscious mind and for digging deep within. I just don't have energy for left-brained work when there is light outside. At night though, I become another being. A happier being. At night I become more in touch with parts of reality that I can't even touch during the day.

Yes, this coming week is going to be busy, indeed.

Okay, Good night y'all.