The Night Is My Time Of Action!

How pretty!!

I might as well not buy a diary. I will just carry on using Google calender.

It feels like just yesterday when 2013 begun and I was noting to self to buy a diary for scribbling my appointments. Now it is June. Half the year has passed. I swear, time is faster. Minutes and hours have become shorter. The earth's axis has definitely moved so much that the seasons are no longer in the same place as they once were. The solstices and equinoxes have changed. I can see this by observing weather patterns in both hemispheres (northern and southern). I can also just feel it in my bones. I bet I am right.


I am going to put on the tv for the first time since Friday in a few minutes and fix myself a snack. I am just going to note a few events on the calender for next week first and see if I can relax now. I am not stressed. I have merely been using my brain and I would like to stop using it now. Of course, sleep is more useful than watching tv. In fact, watching tv is fattening and sleep is slimming, but I would rather sleep a bit later. Not now. Right now, I am just chewing on the stuff I bit off on my last stint of sleep because I had very vivid and telling dreams that need deciphering and understanding.


Oooohhh, pretty!
I hope my request to record at night pulls through. I can't function creatively during the day. The sun and day time are not a time for being creative for me. The day time is for doing right brain activities for me, like doing practical things, like paper work or even physical work, personally. Or for sleeping. It is not a time for left brain, romantic, ethereal and otherworldly things like music, exploring the subconscious mind and for digging deep within. I just don't have energy for left-brained work when there is light outside. At night though, I become another being. A happier being. At night I become more in touch with parts of reality that I can't even touch during the day.

Yes, this coming week is going to be busy, indeed.

Okay, Good night y'all.



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