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I am always getting ready to die, doing what pleases me and not the world, living a life without regrets and just consciously choosing to live a life that I am accountable for. I am always getting ready to die because I imagine that when death comes, it is when we have no unfinished business in this realm, no nagging feelings of “could haves”, “should haves” and “would haves”. So, when one day I realized that I was not ready to die, after many years of thinking that I was, I got a little worried (not seriously worried) because time is on my side, yes it is!


*I wrote this about 40 days and 40 nights ago. I wasn't going to post it, but since I am not inspired to write anything these days, and since I can pretty much do whatever I want... Here goes. Enjoy!*

I'll edit tomorrow. I promise. :)
I haven't slept and I am out of it right now... (excuses, excuses)

My mind is like helium, and although that makes sense to me, I wonder if it makes sense to you. I mean that it is moving like its particles… Wait! Let me google that and double check if Helium particles do in fact move fast… Yes they do…
Moving on...
I can’t make and finish a sentence right now.  I am feeling like I am touching something magnificent and energizing, rejuvenating and sublime. Last night I had the most awesome sleep ever. I slept at my normal hours, in the early mornings, but I didn’t take my calming herbs to relax me before I slept. Instead I just closed my eyes, and slept. I am not even certain whether I was thinking of something in those minutes or hours before…