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A Lack of Trust Leads to Dislike.

I'm reading a book called "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss and the main character Kvothe said, "A lack of trust leads to dislike," and then I thought of all the people I do not like, and I realised that I do not trust them all. This is obvious, but still, I have never really made this correlation before. From this quote, I proceeded to think about trust, relative to my life and I was accosted by many questions and realisations; even now.
Do likeable and attractive people stimulate our trust for them? Do our trust for them actually reflect their real trustworthiness or do they merely behave in a way that suggests to our mind that they can be trusted? What came first: trust or like/ distrust or dislike? And, what are these behavioural cues that make us trust or distrust people? Is this quote a load of bullshit?
The Merriam Webster dictionary states that trust is a "firm belief in the character, strength or truth of someone or something," a be…