Friday, May 16, 2014

EduBlog: My Roller Coaster Ride With Women's Health

Dear Reader,

I am now no longer an aspiring artist who has time to sit around and heal from the body's ailments. I am now a recording artist who needs to be on top of her game, healthy and filled with energy so that I can do my job, not just for your enjoyment, but most importantly, for mine.

A uterus - from which you hail.
Every month, since my first period, I am bedridden, from excruciating pain. In order to alleviate the pain, I take pain killers that knock me out, and I still end up in bed, not functioning. But, before my period, I am also in agony, cramping, retaining water, craving, and feeling irritable. So, in general, from when my cycle begins (first day of my period) to when I start ovulating, I am in pain, discomfort and short of tearing my hair out. In fact, the physical pain of menstruation is better than the upheaval of PMDD.

I have been to hospital so often in my life, having blood transfusions, iron transfusions, anxiety attacks, and other inexplicable things, merely because of my hormones, my uterus and my cervix. Basically, my womb hates me. Regardless of not having any STDs/STIs, I am in constant battle to go through most days of my life because my womb is not normal. I am a healthy person who eats healthily, doesn't drink, the works, but still, I am in hospital because my womb is not okay.

Do you know the female anatomy, or all you know is sticking things in it?
I have been looking for solutions all my life and NONE have worked. The birth control pill hates me, so I tried that and got off it after 24 months, so I did give it a chance. I really did. I went on anti-anxiety medication and went on them for 3 years, and got off them because they hated me too. The point is, I have tried everything possible in my life to make me a normally functioning person, by taking all precautions and trying out all the solutions and nothing has worked. In fact, things that I have tried have made me worse.

So, what is the last and ultimate solution?

*moment of silence*

Answer: The only thing that can ever give me peace, allow me to function normally and live a better quality of life is a Hysterectomy and hormone therapy, thereafter. 

*pauses and thinks*

Okay, I have recovered from the gravity of this whole thing. What is the whole thing? Well, I have a thing called Adenomyosis and that's not all. I also have a Cervical Fibroid, a fat tumor (not malignant but troublesome) on the left side of my cervix, so, it is party time every month because of these two trouble makers.

It is why I lose so much blood and have anemia, it is why I have Hormonal Armageddon in my body, from gaining weight without doing anything, to losing it, and  becoming stick thin without lifting a finger, to acne, hair texture changing every 3 years from loose curls to tighter and rougher hair. It goes as far as being so hairy, if I look closely at my face, I see a tiny, fine stache and side burns.

When hormones are imbalanced, eating right, eating little, and even exercise won't do anything for your body. Your body will do what it likes and tough if you don't like it. You will get pimples (although now they aren't as bad as when I had Hyperpituitarism but I still feel nausea EVERY SINGLE DAY, get headaches everyday, and feel bloated for most of my life, because my hormones are going La Vida Loca.

Still, with all this strain, I still manage to have some life. But BOY, it is not easy. I am trying out another thing now called a NuvaRing for a minimum of 3 months from June, to see if that decreases bleeding at least, so I don't have to deal with anemia on top of everything else.

Lastly, I have to have kids in the next few years. Only then can the doctors allow me to remove my uterus at such a young age. Otherwise, the specialists recommend that I just live with it until I have kids, then I can remove my uterus and live happily ever after because that is just about the ONLY option I have.

A friend of ours had the same problem as I have, and unlike her, she is married and was trying to have kids. She finally gave birth 2 months ago, but it was not an easy pregnancy, nor an easy birth. In fact, the results of having the problems I have is having difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, giving birth to premature children. I can just forget about a natural birth, or water births and all those romantic things. It is C-Sections for me all the way.
I have the one at the bottom right.

In the meantime, I have to live with this battleground that is my body, until I have children. In the meantime, I will just do some yoga, boxing and eat well as usual, to not give my body any more reasons to act out. What's in my hands, I will take care of. My body, on the other hand can do what it wishes because to remove the fibroid in my cervix would definitely make me infertile, so the doctors don't even want to touch my cervix. All they are doing now is trying to manage the symptoms until I have children, and only then can they get rid of the problem.

Otherwise, my eggs and fertility are one of the best. It is just my cervix and endometrium that's not wonderful. I don't even have any signs of Cancer (probably due to a healthier lifestyle).

A Normal Uterus - The one you wanna occupy
Anyway, to the men out there, give us ladies a break. A normal woman is going through cycles of hormonal changes that keep her busy and overwhelmed. Others have women's health problems that are debilitating to their daily lives, not allowing them to have the time or energy you have, so give us a break, please. Women are dealing with so much. If it is not their uterus, it is their breasts, tumors from both places plague our lives, literally making us on guard or in pain or physically and mentally drained half the time. Give us a break, we are dealing with backaches, headaches, tender breasts, cramps in our wombs and bleeding from our wombs, EVERY MONTH for a week minimum. Don't forget that when we ovulate it sometimes feels just like we are on our period, except we are not bleeding and we have more testosterone.

I beg of you...

Be gentle to us women folk. Unlike you, our most worry is not getting a hard on. It is so much more. Our bodies are human life carriers, and our bodies are always (every month) preparing us to carry life. This is a huge mechanical and biological endeavour.

Okay, let me go drink more painkillers. Cheers.