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I Make Myself Sick!

Hey There,

It's Sunday... No, it is Monday morning. I have a migraine and I am not sure what to do with myself, but I am pretty sure that staring at a computer screen is not the solution, but here I am, online, combing through Facebook and regretting the time I am spending going through people's pictures. You will find yourself on 2012 pictures on a person you aren't really that fascinated with, someone with whom you aren't even friends, and like a terrible car crash from which you can not peel your gaze, you just keep on looking, and looking, and clicking and clicking. It's a strange compulsion, this thing, of looking at pictures of strangers. I am not sure what fix it gives, but hours can be spend on just clicking from one picture to another. Then, when you reevaluate what you have accomplished during such time, you come to the pathetic realisation that you have not benefited at all from this incredibly time consuming exercise. Ugh!

I am sitting here, looking at…

Doing Whatever The Fuck I Desire!

Dearest Reader,

It's been a long time since I bothered to write, and it was mainly because I was still trying to figure things out. That's until I got comfortable with not having things figured out, then I calmed down and became myself again. I don't know why I bother trying to define things when words are now no longer sufficient, when DOING and BEING is more important.

I've been catching up on years of reading by finishing The Belgariad, a David Eddings series of five books, that I started upon two months ago. I have also been writing music through Logic Pro X, which is new for me since I traditionally write music with my guitar, the old fashioned way. I'm on the sixth track with the goal of writing at least ten songs. This has been loads of fun and frustrating as I fumbled through the application, and swearing at the computer when songs disappeared. It was my fault, of course, for not saving immediately after opening a project, but this has been a lesson learnt…