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Ranting Again and Again and getting the same results! PART II

I am aware that my emotional state is directly connected to the emotional state of the world, that what I feel right now is not just my burden that I am bearing, but that I carry the burdens of my organism also, the burdens of humanity. I am aware that while there are people in turmoil and in pain on earth, while there are people who hunger and thirst, while there are people who are diseased and ailed, not even the richest, healthiest and most abundant person could ever find lasting peace on Earth. I am you and you are me. I can not be at peace while my other self is haunted by demons.

Ranting Again and Again and getting the same results!

One day I woke up understanding that most things, if not all, are not mutually exclusive, that they are what I now term as a Divine Dichotomy, a term I learned from Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the series of books called ‘Conversations with God’. I might not see eye to eye on all that these books discuss, but the books really aided me during a time when I was tongue-tied, and it loosened my tongue, allowing me to express what was inside of me. I kept on seeing paradoxes working harmoniously and simultaneously, and I couldn’t define this phenomenon until I read his books.