Ranting Again and Again and getting the same results!


One day I woke up understanding that most things, if not all, are not mutually exclusive, that they are what I now term as a Divine Dichotomy, a term I learned from Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the series of books called ‘Conversations with God’. I might not see eye to eye on all that these books discuss, but the books really aided me during a time when I was tongue-tied, and it loosened my tongue, allowing me to express what was inside of me. I kept on seeing paradoxes working harmoniously and simultaneously, and I couldn’t define this phenomenon until I read his books.

We all have such books, movies, people, paintings and songs which aid us in expressing the things that have just arrived in our conscious minds from our sub-conscious minds. These are things that we can not yet define with our earthly tools such as language, but things that these individuals can interpret by tapping into the collective consciousness. This leap of data from a person’s sub-conscious to conscious mind happens in groups and never to just one person at a time, thus sometimes necessitating something that can be available for larger numbers to access than just word of mouth, such as a song, a book, a film, etc. even though word of mouth is slow, the one-person-at-a-time approach is usually the most effective. This data is usually sent to all these available avenues by using certain individuals who are positioned in a certain way which is conducive for optimum communication of such ideas. These individuals are the artists, intellectuals, scientists and idealists of our society who act as conductors or conduits for imperative data to be communicated to the masses; to aid us in understanding and compartmentalizing otherwise confusing information.

I was born knowing but I wasn’t born talking. Language and speech are probably the biggest challenges of this realm. It feels like I came upon earth to learn the words to express (and learn the ability to experience) what I knew; to grow from a state of knowing and to progress to a state of being.

Many aspire to know in this realm until they remember that they already know; many are under the impression that to be at the summit of this realm is to be knowledgeable. Knowledge is not success here, and knowledge is not purpose here – not on its own. Knowledge is an innate tool that all of us possess, with some of us being unaware of possessing such. It is the application of knowledge, experience, which is required of us; wisdom being this realm’s learned behavior.

Due to incarnating in this realm, I have forgotten a bigger portion of what I know. It is being aware of this memory loss; the not “knowing” what I have forgotten that I need to accept, like giving up on a word at the tip of my tongue in the faith that it will come to me again one day. I was born knowing that this is not a realm of knowing, but a realm of being. Knowing is of a realm before and after the moment of NOW, due to how space and time are viewed in the light of this realm. Wisdom is the experiential form of knowledge, or Wisdom is knowledge in 3D (three dimensional), i.e. thought put into action.

*If I am repeating a few things, I apologize. It is merely my mind trying to be clear that causes this.*

I was born aware that I am multi-faceted, that there was more to me than what I choose to express at any given moment. This is how I was changeable as a person; this is how one day was different from another. Then this awareness expanded, to one day having me understand that I was a portion of a bigger whole, that not only was humanity an organism and I its cell, but that this solar system is a cell to yet another bigger, whole organism. The organism that I am part of is infinite, positively and negatively, forever, Amen!

The awareness then increased to me one day understanding that my cells, just like I, have memory and that the cells on my body even have multi-faceted personalities just as I do. Just like the earth, on my body reside beings which form communities, which form nations which form a world. In other words, I am the model of the universe and to be aware of the self is to be aware of something bigger and/or smaller than the self; that which is bigger and/or smaller than me is my other self. This micro and macro awareness of self is another Divine Dichotomy.

Pain is a catalyst, and I was born aware that to pay attention to pain is to have pain. Unfortunately, I forgot how to forget pain in order to be free of it; I forgot it along with everything else that belongs in the realms other than the NOW. I am aware that there is a purpose to the pain, that all is as it should be until it is no more. I am aware that after pain I grow, although growth doesn’t require catalysts to occur. I am aware that I am probably complacent without the motivating factor of freeing myself from pain, that being the purpose for my experience of pain.

I know that my heart is full today because I know love through human beings. At first I thought that I felt the ecstasy due to these humans, but I realized that they were also catalysts to my evolution. No human is a cause of your experience, but all humans are the aid of your self-chosen experience, catalysts. Not all catalysts are painful, some are beautiful and divine, giving us hope and strength in the midst of hardships. I am aware that when I love you, I am actually loving my macro self. I am aware that the thought of you, the touch of you and the taste of you allows me to know that part of me which I have lost touch with when I incarnated to this realm. My appreciation of you lets me know that I am part of the Humanity Organism, and it allows me to actually feel myself being bigger than my “smaller” me.

I am aware that most, if not all, human interaction that I have ever had, or animal interaction, was pre-ordained within the construct of free will. I understand that most if not all humans are triggers for my own dramas and experiences, not the cause. I am grateful for these humans having allowed me the honor of knowing them, because their aid evolves me.

I understand that humans are the emotional and judgmental ones, and not the Universe, God or the Creator because the Universe, God or the Creator is ALL, not one or the other. Therefore, right or wrong is like beauty and it belongs to the beholder. The mere fact that right and wrong change with time, and experience, is enough proof that it is not situations that change, but it is our views of the situation that change. Although people might change, it is probably perspective that is the true change.


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