Ranting Again and Again and getting the same results! PART II

Insanity Certificate

I am aware that my emotional state is directly connected to the emotional state of the world, that what I feel right now is not just my burden that I am bearing, but that I carry the burdens of my organism also, the burdens of humanity. I am aware that while there are people in turmoil and in pain on earth, while there are people who hunger and thirst, while there are people who are diseased and ailed, not even the richest, healthiest and most abundant person could ever find lasting peace on Earth. I am you and you are me. I can not be at peace while my other self is haunted by demons.
This is the cause of the restlessness which has us all by its grips. This is the cause of smiles, health and peace that never last. I can not be well while my brother and sister are unwell. We are one organism, and even though it is not the whole organism that is in unwell, and maybe it is just the lungs that are unhealthy, we all know that when one vital organ is at risk, the entire being is at risk. With the majority of the organism being unwell, then it is obvious that we are dealing with a degenerating organism. I know that the probability of the organism healing itself is low, but I know that the possibility still exists, and that change can occur as swiftly as a blink of an eye. I am aware of my interconnectedness with all earthlings, and although it might not always please me when I experience the brunt of the organism’s experiences, those sparse moments of joy are worth the pain. I know that we need to fix ourselves to fix the world.
I am aware that we experience pleasure from different levels or energy centers, and that what pleases me is not necessarily what pleases you. Some experience pleasure from the doing of things that aid their survival on this realm, while others care nothing about survival. Some experience pleasure from control, from controlling and/or ruling over an individual, or from being controlled and ruled over by another individual. Others get their fix from being the elite and ruling over and/or controlling masses, or from being one of the slave masses who are ruled and controlled by elitists. Others get their fix and pleasure from being of service to others while others get their pleasure from being of service to the self, just as others are extroverted while others are introverted. Every kind of people make this organism function, and the beauty of this organism is just that – it has many facets and it performs under seemingly contradictory conditions which when seen over a larger scheme, result in a beautiful harmonious mosaic. What is imperative to understand is that there is no right or wrong; there is no good, better or best and no bad, worse or worst. There is only what is, and all that seems contradictory is most likely complementary.
I am aware that there are those who are magnets and others that are conduits, as I mentioned above that artists, idealists and the likes are conductors of energy. The magnets, or those who attract things to themselves, compared to those who let things pass through them, are equally important and vital to the optimal functioning of humanity. Those who attract things to themselves are the structure of the world, the builders and the directors of the world, while the conductors of the world are the negotiators and “discoverers” of the world. Each has their function and purpose. Each is equally important and each is nothing without the other.
These magnets and conduits can serve themselves or serve others with their talents and abilities. A magnet can serve the self by imposing its power over others by not sharing its resources fairly and/or abundantly with the system. The magnet can conversely serve others by sharing the resources which come to it naturally to those who “can not”, “have not”, or even “will not” attract resources to themselves. The conduit is predisposed to serving others as it can not serve itself naturally, but predisposition is not an absolute inclination and so, the conduit can serve the self by being elitist with the services it provides by making it unavailable to most or all.
None of these paths, service to self, or service to others, is good or bad. It is a matter of which produces peace and harmony (or even pleasure) to the individual. To do that which goes against that which pleases an individual (for example, for a service to self individual to do works which serve others instead) would reap unfavorable results caused by the disharmony between the will and the self. The same goes for an individual who is predisposed to service to others doing things that serve the self. These can cause catalysts that would result in pain, the pain being the symptom telling the individual that there is disharmony within; the pain giving the individual the opportunity to realign and rectify the self. From my observations though, it would seem that most humans are predisposed to service to others in this realm. This means that we are in a service to others realm because even if a person has a degree of service to self within them, the greater part seems to be a desire to be of service to others.
I am aware that healing is a vibratory change in an individual, and that healing occurs from the individual’s mind accepting that it is whole, healed and replenished. I am aware that healing has little to do with external factors or external beings. I am aware that those who call themselves healers are not responsible for the healing process. Instead, they give the ailing individual an opportunity to choose to be healed by connecting the ailing individual with its self. I have forgotten how to change my vibrations to a remarkable level, though. All I know is that when I have a sincere smile on my face, and deep joy in my being, pain disappears. Unfortunately, this is all I know about this. I do not yet know how being sincerely joyful diminishes the pain catalyst.  I can only guess and this is not a speculative text as I am writing about things that I am fully aware of, not things I suspect. 
...to be continued.


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