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Why "Catfish: The TV Show" is Important.


I'm watching Catfish from the Swiss MTV channel and I am not only amazed by the amount of people who create virtual realities for themselves in order to deceive people but I am also entertained! What fascinates me the most is that as much as these Catfishes are twisted liars, I actually not only understand them, I also relate in some degree. More than that, I envy these Catfishes, because I often get days when I just want my life to be something else other than what it is.

What I do find incredible about this show is how intrinsically educational it is in a non-pretentious way. Not only is the show educational for creating awareness about the importance of internet safety, but the show exhibits very complex layers that teach us about the intricacies of human nature, especially the nature of people who are afraid, whether it be fear of rejection, fear of judgment or fear of the truth.

What is  a Catfish?

"A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not, usi…

Feeling Strange.

What am I feeling?

I am having strange emotions.

As usual, whenever I do not sleep before 3 am, my emotions become intensified, and I either get greatly inspired to make wonderful art, or like now, I get bombarded by a cacophony of echoes from an abyss filled with humanoid shadows that whirl around each other in my head, like an agitated body of water.

Some of these shadows look familiar. They belong to people I once knew, some belong to people I know now, and others belong to me, as different parts of myself. My Self is seeping into other people, and their forms are seeping into mine. As interesting as that may sound, the reality is that this vantage point, which allows me to see me entangled intimately with multitudes of souls, is quite disorienting. One could say that it is torturous.

I feel no sense of time, or right and wrong as I type this. What is right has lost its meaning and all I feel is what I desire. I feel disconnected to the duality of life at this moment, but because …