Back To Work...

I need to cut down on Tetris.
Hey there,

Okay. I don't have an album out yet. Any material I once recorded was a demo. I am in pre-production with Native Rhythms and Sony Music. I am only focused on one thing: Making good music that can have an audience locally and world-wide.

In a month, I am going on holiday. In a week's time, I go back to studio. In the meantime, my significant other just landed a huge project which he needs to get done as soon as possible so as not to eat into our holiday. This means the following:

  • It was nice knowing you
  • I will see you in August
  • I am not concerned about anything or anyone who has nothing to do with my career.
  • The only people that I have social time for are my family, my few friends and my partner and work colleagues.
This means that, if I was self-involved before, I am about to get even worse. I won't even listen to other people's music during this time. During Isabel Novella's launch yesterday, I realized a few things. I realized that I am not allowed to produce a mediocre product. I was reminded that people have given me a chance and it is time I prove to them that they didn't waste their time on me. Lastly, I have realized that this is real. This is very real. I have no time to be anything but the best. Fortunately, I am ready.

Therefore, please excuse me as I am not present. I am working for that legacy I hope to leave behind upon my death. I am also working hard for those who are anticipating my music. Basically, I am making things get real. I am planning to push myself artistically and vocally. I am planning to increase the circumference of the fringes of my understanding of who I am, and what I am capable of.
I need to stop thinking about useless, random things and think of music

I plan on doing this with my usual focus, perseverance and determination. With hypnotherapy actually helping me get rid of my panic attack and performance anxiety, I can safely say that, I am more lethal than ever before because there are fewer things holding me back from grabbing my destiny and accepting my greatness. It's also time for me to fly as high as I desire because we live in such times where dreams are allowed to come true.

Thank You for your understanding, support and love. I don't take any of the thoughts you have towards me for granted, because I capture them and use them to fuel myself forward. I do this for myself and for the greater good because I truly believe that my music came through me, at this time of our evolution, not just for my personal enjoyment, but for the world to hear.



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