Crashing Parties.

:) Something about me...

The owner of the record label I am working with asked me whether I was not attending a launch for one of the artists from the label. Matter-of-factly, I said that I didn't get an invitation, and therefore, why would I. As a matter of fact, I don't think I would ever go to even a family member's event if they didn't tell me to come. 

I believe that it is rude to impose oneself on other people especially in their own space. What if the person was uncomfortable with you, and now you have asked them to attend their event - and thus putting them in a weird position where they feel uncomfortable and uneasy, even unable to refuse you attending their event, because you have pretty much put them under pressure.

The Rule IS:

No Guilt. No Fear. No Obligation.

So, always try to let people desire for you to be in their space before you just arrive. Otherwise, you risk taking the quality of their day away and making what was a special day for them into a stressful day for them. Don't guilt people into having you in their space. It is rude and inconsiderate. Don't make people afraid of anything. Also, don't make people obligated to have you around them. It might spoil their time.

Instead, spread happiness when you can. Be considerate, and remember that it is not about you. Be empathetic that, your greatest gift to other people is by not being around them. Be nice, in other words.

Afterwards, I was sent the invitation because it seemed as though by not asking to attend, I didn't want to. This was not the case. Now, not only the host, but me as the guest, can have a better quality of time at the party because no one feels unwelcome and no one feels burdened with an unwanted guest. Everybody is happy.


It is not about wanting special treatment that I insist on being invited directly. It is because I think about all these things. To not think about such things is poor etiquette and bad manners.



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