Cancer Moon...

Hey there,

I have a Cancer Moon, and this is what I wrote about us Cancer Moons in 2008. Yes, It is 2013 now and I have been on this astrology wagon for quite some time. It is not a phase. It is a lifestyle. I just noticed that I wrote this a day after my birthday. :)

I'm a Cancer Moon.

I've been avoiding this topic for a while now because I didn't know what to say. But, here goes:

Whether I choose to love quietly or boastfully, I always love deeply and sincerely. I have never loved and found myself unsure whether or not I was in love. The intensity of my love is unchanging, but the ways in which I express my love are never the same, and one could call them tumultuous. I mean this literally, which means that I am unpredictable in the way I express my love or my desire.

I will sometimes show my love by protecting my object of my affections, usually by protecting their name, their honor and reputation. (I seldom fight to protect my love's "physical body" because I am a woman, and usually he is stronger than me.) I don't know how many people I have chastise because they spoke ill of the person I love (friend or lover). It literally stabs my heart when my beloved is wrongly accused, and my Cancer "protectiveness" always rushes in like an Amazonian warrior and fights for that which is "hers"... yes... my beloved is "mine" and my Cancer moon makes me a little possessive of him. I will never show or act possessive, but inside it is there.

It is of vital importance that my beloved is comfortable at all times. So, I will fuss. I am not sure whether this is from my Virgo Sun & Venus, just as I am not sure if the possessiveness is from my Moon or my Scorpio Asc, Mars, Eros & Jupiter. But I fuss over my beloved by making sure that he is on time, that he presents himself well to his colleagues by hosting parties for him if need be, or by reminding him of things he might have forgotten. I think that's the Virgo organizer though.
I am the type who asks questions such as:

"Have you eaten?"
"Are you warm?"
"Do you need anything?"
"Can I run you a bath?"
"Can you come closer so that I can fix your tie?"
"We are meeting so-and so for dinner tonight, you white shirt is clean and ready, okay?"
"What kind of pie would you like today? or... if I am tired "we are having some stuff from the deli..."

I don't cook aaaall the time.  and I believe in house keepers so that I can concentrate on fussing over him rather than cleaning toilets and getting myself tired enough to cancel sex out of the relationship. And I work weird hours so...

okay, moving on...

I am also the type to hold hands in public, would NEVER look at another man, literally never ever look at another man in my man's presence. I don't care if Orlando Bloom is walking by. Why? Because I would never allow for my beloved to feel insecure. You see, we Cancer Moons really identify with human emotions, so it is rare that we would do something hurtful to someone we love because we know how it feels.

As a Cancer moon, his happiness is my happiness... And his bad mood is mine too because I project a lot of people's emotions.

For me, if I am truly in love, my comfort and happiness usually come second, although I am learning to break that habit. This martyr syndrome of mine would even drive me to the point of losing my beloved for the sake of his happiness, if his happiness is not with me. Some mistake that to be a lack of will to fight for the ones we love, but it is not in my eyes. When we have a chance to fight, we will fight. Remember, with all said, Cancer is a Cardinal sign.

Also, as a Cancer Moon, love usually hurts because we seldom find a person who can tread gently enough on our hearts. As a Cancer Moon, I need to be reassured that I am wanted or else I leave, licking my wounded heart on my own in some corner. I can not be in an unstable environment where I am not sure what I mean to my beloved because my emotions are already very unstable, therefore, to love freely, I need to be safe enough to let go. If that makes sense.

You will probably never see a Cancer Moon cry, believe it or not... but we crave and hope that someday we can be safe enough to cry in front of you. We need to trust that you will not turn around and use our vulnerabilities against us, and so... when we are in love and when we trust, you can see it by us showing our emotions to you, the good and bad ones. If we don't show our feelings to you, it probably means that we do not trust you yet.
That's why my acquaintances know me as cold, no nonsense independent woman etc., but my man will know me as that, as a softy, as childlike and... as a psycho b*tch when worried or on PMS.

That was me 5 years ago. I must say that I haven't changed much.


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