The time is 01:11

I'm typing this blog installment from my phone, and I started doing it at 01:11. I read from some eBook that this means that the Zeta consciousness is with me when I see the number 1 stand out that way. What does that mean? I'd tell you if I could use my laptop.

Yes, over a month ago, my charger's cord tore, and I haven't bought one since because I'm cheap and I believe that I should get one for free. I was close to getting one for free but the charger I hustled wasn't powerful enough to handle my laptop. So, I am still deciding if I should buy it myself or steal one. Lol. I'm joking. I don't steal. I am just so cheap that I can't get myself to part with money for something that isn't a necessity like perfume, or cosmetics, or jewelry. But, I think I'll have to just grin and bear it and buy the stupid charger. Crap!

Another thing that's going on currently is that South Africa is friggen cold and I can't sleep with anything more than a t-shirt and underwear. The temperature is -1 degrees Celcius, I was told. What madness is that? South Africa doesn't get that cold, does it? Or maybe it's because I'm always at the coast at this time of year? Who knows and who cares.

Thirdly, I have been looking for sperm donors, to utilise a decade from now, but people think I'm joking. :/ I never joke. I found a few people whose sperm would be great, but I dunno, these people would need to answer a questionnaire first and since they didn't take me seriously, I have no one to interview.

Okay, okay, I guess advertising such on twitter, it might be understandable why no one took me seriously. I did kind of say it in a colloquial way... "Hey, you! I want your jizz." so, the lack of response makes sense. Hmmm... Maybe next time I can say, "May I please have your sperm?" that would be better, right? *groan*

Lastly, I made friends with a bunch of professionals from India and we're having a jolly time together. So much so that tomorrow night we are playing poker or black jack. On Saturday, one of them is teaching me yoga and on Sunday we could get wild and naughty and they might teach me the kamasutra. Hahhaha Joking! Or am I?

I met my new friends in the tv room one cool evening, of the place (guesthouse) in which I'm staying for the time being. They arrived from India last month and I've been corrupting them ever since. They are so nice to hang with. They are funny, and intelligent and one of them, my favorite one, is hard to understand. We've been cooking together, eating together and so on. We all don't drink and smoke so it is awesome to hang without that getting in the way. For the past month they've familiarized me with NDTV, an Indian news channel and I am shocked and heartbroken at the unrest and pain going on in India. At the same time, I want to move to India for 2yrs to study yoga and such at an ashram. It's great for losing weight... and for evolving one's consciousness.

Goodnight my lovelies. There are no pictures because I don't know how to add them from my phone.

Happy Friday,

I love you guys a lot and thank you for reading. *mwah*


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