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Dearest Reader,

It is not that I am in a state of emotional turmoil that I write this blog. I am actually quite good in mind, body and spirit. I can't say the same for many others though during this time. You see, the beginning of the harvest is literally a few days from now. What is the harvest, you ask? Well, the harvest is when each individual human harvests themselves from all limitless possibilities, and actually chooses to reap the aspect of their being that is most who they are. It is a time when I AM becomes alive, and as humans, we become who we choose to be from the many array of possibilities. It is a time when we choose to be happy and be happy, or when we choose to be depressed and be depressed.

This transition occurs in varying ways, many of which are quite tumultuous, especially if you're holding on to a aspect of yourself that you no longer wish to manifest in your current reality. For example, if you still hold on to being an honest person but your deep desire is to be a dishonest person, or visa versa, you will have a bit of physiological manifestations that might be a bit confusing. Another cause of unrest will be putting yourself in situations that you no longer desire, situations that you subconsciously choose to be in due to addiction to such undesirable energy, or due to indoctrination and habit.

Your deepest desires are fighting to come forth, with or without your conscious choosing, and it might not be pretty, but please don't panic. It is just like labour pains before birth, any change comes with discomfort, and the birth of a new life comes with pain in most cases. The pain is fleeting and it is going to be a pain that you will be grateful to have gone through, so hold fast hope, and be aware that it will pass.

Symptoms that I am observing from those around me, from myself and from stories I am hearing are as follows:

  • Women's cycles are changing and are becoming in unison with other women, so don't panic and think something is wrong when your cycles jumps a few weeks. 
  • People are experiencing a lot of anxiety attacks, especially men. This is obvious because women cry all the time, so we generally have less anxiety than men, so what men have been bottling up all these years, ages and centuries is now coming out to the surface. Let us nurture our men kind and support them through this period.
  • People are falling in love, or being deeply infatuated with each other. This is a good tool to raise your energy to the required frequency. Don't fight it. Let it be. Don't judge the feelings, and don't repress the feelings you have, even if you're in love with a dog. LOL! Just feel the love. There is no need to have sex from feeling love, so that means you don't have to resort to bestiality if you're in love with your dog.
  • People are giddy, laughing and just in a state of euphoria. This is the flavour of the new person that is trying to come out. Let the euphoria take over. Don't fight anything.
  • People are more sexually aroused, especially men. This is just pent up energies trying to come through and release themselves. Do what you gotta do, as long as no one is hurt through the process.
  • Old friends are coming together. People who grew up with you, as well as your family, are part of your soul family. The coming together of people from your childhood is a way of offering support to one another. Let it be.
  • People are remembering things about their past that they had forgotten. This is also part of the cleansing of self. By remembering the past, you acknowledge it, and therefore, you can choose to let go of its hold upon you.
  • People are binge drinking because they are suddenly more stressed than usual, so they are partying more, probably taking more drugs and just trying to do what they can to cope. Rather not drink and take drugs at this stage, but if it is all you can do to cope, go ahead. Nothing is ever a train smash.
  • People are having nightmares, waking up in cold sweats and just general discomfort of unusual sleep. This is also natural. Your dreams are your subconscious allowing you to see it. Dreams allow us to tap into the memories that are present in our cells, our cellular memories, where we get to actually travel through time and remember the sins and actions of our heritage biologically. We get to visit our evolutionary road.
There are more symptoms and a lot of them are causing confusion. The trick is to not take anything seriously these days that passes through you. Just let it be. Enjoy it, if it is pleasurable. Those that aren't comfortable should also not be treated seriously. Just tell yourself that this is a passing phase and it is part of the cleansing.

The main thing to do presently is to remain calm, try to laugh as much as you can. Eradicate negativity consciously and don't depress yourself by being around people, places or situations that depress you. Try to be in calm, quiet situations where you are not pushed emotionally because even good intense feelings are not quite healthy.

I hope you are not judging yourself. Do what makes you feel good and calm, therefore, pray if that is how you get comfort, give thanks for your blessings if that is what makes you smile. Sing, hug someone, or sleep - but do what you must to treat your being with respect and gentleness at this time because you are a god, and you are about to rise like the pheonix from the ashes, again!


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.

P.S. I think I channeled this info. Not sure.  I wrote it in less than 5 minutes.


Anonymous said…
Lol yeah that cracked me up, very well written, interesting and humourous<3 Ms Leri(^^,)

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