Block, Delete, Report As Spam!

Dearest Reader,

After the great progress that I have been making in aligning my actions with my desires, I have realized a few things, and the most important of these realizations is that there are people who have no business being in my life. Therefore, some time back, I did myself the favor of deleting people's numbers who's energy drained mine instead of building it. There are a few people who I need to remove from from life permanently, people who just make me roll my eyes whenever I hear from them, or people who drain and annoy me every time their name pops up on my messages.

I hope that in 3 months time, I could have tied all loose strings with these people because with some there is unfinished business. Then, I can get rid of some people forever. They serve no purpose. They just take my energy, abuse my vulnerability and also annoy the fuck out of me, and so, since I am in charge of my life, I have to ask myself why I speak to these people.

The problem with the past is that we hold on to it. We let people exist in our lives today due to past glories. The truth is, someone could have served a purpose then, and now they could have turned toxic. But, I am a loyal person, and it is tough for me to let go of people, especially if they had been helpful or kind to me before.

I really feel a new era of my life beginning. You would think that this new era comes with new people, but no! This new era is featuring a lot of the friends I grew up with, friends who have been loyal to me during my darkest hours, and people who just liked me for the fact that I was born, not due to anything else that I have ever done. Those are the people who are coming back into my life. I am happy about this. Those who had me in their lives conditionally seem to be going out of fashion. I am glad. So, with that, let me carry on deleting people's numbers and blocking people.

I really desire a joyful, simple life with love and respect being the flavor of each day. If love and respect do not feature in my relationships, they now feel uncomfortable, and I am glad. So, if I don't reply, if you can't through to me, if I am just silent - I'll call you, don't call me. And when I call, if you don't want to respond because of this decision I am making, I will take full responsibility for it. I am not afraid of losing people who make my life less than lovely. If that is considered burning bridges, than so be it.

I have never been afraid to burn bridges if burning bridges means that I am happier. I need to be true to myself. I need to be loving to myself. Having people who disrespect me and mistreat me, people who talk to me not when they desire to speak to me but people who speak to me when they desire something from me... I am killing those relationships as of now.

I am tired. I am not angry. I am just tired. I am tired of people lowering my energy. That is all.



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