Spiritual Vigilance and Critical Thinking.


One who is not truthful is not a spiritual person, but flesh carrying a broken spirit. But, before we go any further, what is being spiritual, and do you want to be be it, or is it overrated?

Being spiritual is being loving, not just of others but loving of the self also. You need to love and know yourself in order to love and know others, and then simultaneously, you get loved and known by others. Being spiritual is being of benefit to others, adding value to other people's lives, but adding value because your cup runneth over with such goodness. Being spiritual is being truthful, filled with integrity and duty to serve, being governed by a morality that is conducive to one's happiness and that of others. It is living a positive life that does not cause pain to others. It is creative and constructive living which builds instead of demeaning, degrading and destroying one's and people's joy. That is my definition of a spiritual being. That is the life I committed to lead a long time ago.

Truth is the very core of being a spiritual person. If you are not truthful with yourself and others, then you are living only a shadow of the person you can be. Trust me. You can not be a fully actualised being when you deny truth in your life, because truth is what you are, and a self-actualised person does not deny the self, they embrace it. If you are not living in truth, you are inadvertently pushing truth and love away from your life because truth and love are two sides of one coin. By denying truth in your life, you are creating an energy of dishonesty around you that is likely to create suspicion and discomfort around you. By not living in truth, you put so many things out of balance in your life, things that can only be balanced again by truth.

Unfortunately, people view truth wearily because truth can be used against you in the world we live in, to mock, and kick you when you are already down, because truth makes us vulnerable to cruel people, but up to a certain point, only where our egos are concerned. In the greater scheme of things, truth never hurts. So, remember that the saying "truth hurts" is NOT true. Truth may reap "bad" results only because people are assholes who punish others for being their true selves.

I have chosen to speak the truth for many years now, despite how those of below par intelligence view it. At the end of the day, I am truthful in order to have a harmonious and loving life, to do my part for the world I live in, and by contributing loving energy to it, not to be celebrated by people who lack the intelligence to understand the essence of truth. I have been called desperate for being loving to people. Yes, loving is called desperate by these unintelligent people. I have been called cruel for denying people when they asked me to hurt them, because some people have no foresight to see a gesture of love for what it is.

"Asked you to hurt them," you ask? What manner of twisted human is this?

Well, let's make a simple example.  If someone suggested or encouraged I lie to them in order to inflate their ego, I refuse. I will not mislead another person just so that I can be favourable in their eyes, or so that I can make them feel better about their lot. What I do though, is tell you the truth and what you do with it, whether it is to inflate the ego, or humble the ego, is up to you. Once you live in truth, you will find that you see a lot of beauty in the world, so there will not be many reasons to lie to say kind things to others. Truth opens the the eyes, making us see more to compliment and praise. My purpose for speaking the truth is to add value in people's lives and mine. But, even that is subjective, to be honest.

How is this lying or withholding the truth harmful to another? How does it do a disservice to others?

In my opinion, prolonging someone's healing, prolonging someone's ability to face themselves as they are, and keeping them in stasis, is not a loving act. It keeps the person in a vibration of pain much longer than necessary. Telling a person what they want to hear instead of the truth is harmful for that reason. It prolongs and even increases the intensity pain. Contributing to the harm of another is something I chose to not partake in, unless I am willing to suffer the consequences.

Sometimes, being truthful is realising that certain behaviour is harmful to you, and stopping it. Truth can be practiced in many ways, but all ways require regular self-evaluation, critical thinking to see if you are on the right track, regular changing of erroneous thoughts. That is how one cultivates spiritual vigilance. You need to look inside yourself and see how you are being silenced to speaking your truth. Are you being silenced through fear of loss of friends, spouse, social prestige, career dominance, resources like money, and so on? Do you even know that you are being silenced by fear of loss? How do you solve this quandary? Is there a way to live in truth and minimise your losses if this is a change you want to make?

All these questions have answers, but you will never know the answers to them when you are not spiritually vigilant, i.e. You do not think critically about your life. Like all sheep on earth, you are governed by external forces and fear. You are so paralysed by fear that you don't even see that you do not have to live the way you do. You are so blinded by fear that you can not even see that you have options and some are within your grasp. You are so disabled by fear that you don't even see that you are not living fully. If you're anything like me, I know that you know that life has to be better than this, humans have to be better than this, but since I can not change people, I endeavour to change myself.

Truth and fear can not coexist, because truth is enlightening, and fear darkens. So, make the effort to incorporate more truth in your life until it is all that you are. And stand by your truth, even though it may cause some backlash, because the reactions to the truth are temporary, but truth is everlasting.


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