SMH! (Shaking My Head!!)

Dearest Reader,

All I want right now is peace, and I also want the freedom to watch tv in peace, when I so wish. But, now... The new guy next door and I share a wall and the tv decoder, and when he changes channels, mine change too. I don't care really. He can watch the tv but, it also seems that when he switches his off, mine goes off too. I suspect that it is due to the fact that we have identical tvs and the remote controls are interchangeable on top of sharing a decoder. Apparently you can have ONE decoder for two tvs which broadcast things independently with some device. This device is in my room. *sigh* So, I dunno, hey. This could get on my nerves.

The point is: I don't have time for this crap! I don't like tv so much as to be exasperated by it. But, it might cause some stress when it suddenly goes on in the morning while I am in my deepest, sweetest sleep, which will piss me off, because I hate being woken up prematurely by noise I didn't expect.

I feel like going there and saying, "Dude! Have the tv to yourself. I will watch things online if I want to watch anything. This is not a competition. I don't care. I just want peace. I don't want this to escalate."

I have switched the tv off again. I hope it stays off. If it doesn't. I guess, I will be up all night since I can not sleep with the tv on. It's thirty minutes after midnight, for crying out loud. Why isn't he sleeping? We can't all be insomniacs, can we?

I guess, I am just irritable. I don't even know the dude next door. He is probably a nice guy just trying to watch tv, and he is probably perplexed as to why his remote control is being over-ridden by someone else, in this case, an irritable insomniac with a penchant for cooking shows and drag queen reality shows, namely ME. I just don't have the patience for playing tv wars though right now. If I was a drinker and smoker, I would probably be in the mood for a glass of wine and a cigarette.  No, wine is not strong enough. Maybe a whiskey or cognac.

Anyway, I am babbling. I am also tired. I am also experiencing weird cravings. The cravings could be a result of an increased metabolism from this Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper and Ginger thing I am drinking to increase my metabolism, or it could be the pro-biotics I am taking. Last, but certainly not least, I could be pregnant with the second coming of Christ because I don't have unprotected sex. So...

LOL! I am laughing at myself. I am taking myself way too seriously. So, I am craving food. I must eat! Right? Why do I have to analyse it? Of course, I watch my body for strange things in case I develop some mysterious and deadly disease, but I am a healthy person. If I am craving something, I must just eat it, and leave it at that. My mind is a slave driver though and it can't just watch a change in pattern in my behaviour and not analyse it. Curse my high intelligence! Curse my analytical skills! Curse my beautiful mind. LOL!

Okay, I am being silly now. I think I am bored.

Oh, great!

Now I need to go to the loo, which requires me to leave this warm and fuzzy marshmallow of a bed for a stone, cold toilet seat. Curse my healthy bladder. Curse being hydrated enough to require visits to the lavatory in this bitter cold.

Okay, it is not THAT cold. It never gets THAT cold here, but to me, this is how I imagine the Antarctic to be. I imagine that the Antarctic is 15 degrees Celsius, 'cause that's the temperature right now. Yes, in my dramatic and theatrical world, anything below 20 degrees is bitter cold, even 19 degrees is a cause for outrage. I have had the heater on 24/7 for the last 3 days. 

What on earth was I talking about?

Who know? SMH!

Let me just do the last bits, and grab a fruit salad in the fridge and try to sleep. It's too early for me to sleep now. It's not even 2am, but I can try. I will do a lexagram. That usually puts me to sleep.


Veronnica Wolpendz

Love, Peace and Power.


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