The women will know what I am talking about...

When your uterus hurts so badly it feels like you're about to give birth to razor blades. Your lower back is in agony and your thighs are pulling as if the uterus and the back are taking energy from it, and no matter what painkiller you take, the pain is shouting so loudly that you can hardly think of anything but it. In fact, good luck if you're going to try and concentrate on anything or worse, walk somewhere as your back will be hunched, spasms holding it hostage and wincing from the sharp shards of stabbing pain that come with the cramps.

You know what I'm talking about, sister? I'm talking about the monthly trials of a woman honey. And, it is shit, baby. Total and utter nonsense.

Not only are you half conscious because of pain, you're drugged to your eyeballs with some pain-numbing chemical which seems to make you more spaced out than to adequately numb the pain. So, you're high, in pain, distressed and just have enough energy to utter one word answers, or to be passive aggressive with facial expression because talking is another chore that requires too much energy.

Don't forget the lack of sleep from the above mentioned ordeals and from endless bathroom runs to remain hygienic and sanitary. You don't know what time it is, because you have to set the alarm for every 3 hours in order to avoid any unsavoury repercussions upon your bed and linen. You're on guard all the time, and all this has to be done under the haze of pain and drugs.

Personally, I can't take strong drugs with ibuprofen, so I take this over the counter shit which does not relieve the pain properly, making me less productive generally, which annoys me all the way to outer space because I can't think.

The burden and the cross women have to bear is shit!

And I have had it!!

I'm getting my ovaries snipped! But then, I have been saying this since  I was 14 years old, so it's the pain talking.

Ok, typing is annoying now as another cramp and back spasm hits, so bye.



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