IMPORTANT: Veronnica Wolpendz is DEAD!

Dearest Reader,

Due to marketing reasons for my music career, the name "Veronnica Wolpendz" will soon be a distant memory. It shall be replaced by "Inana" for obvious reasons.

Veronnica Wolpendz has served her purpose, and now she must be laid to rest. Inana is now born. Look! This shouldn't surprise anyone AT ALL. You all know that I am dramatic, changeable, theatrical, but last and not least, I am an artist. Art is all about reinventing oneself for relevance and ease of communicating the message.


Veronnica Wolpendz is:

  1. Too long
  2. Too complicated
  3. Too ambiguous
  4. Not easy to remember.
On the other hand, Inana is:

  1. Short
  2. Easy to say by anyone of any age
  3. Easy to pronounce
  4. Easy to remember.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but hey, it's harder for me than it is for you. It's business. Not personal. It is just not viable. So, a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do. Website domains have to be changed, and all sorts of logistical nightmares are going to be a result of this change, but I am not complaining. I am just saying this so that you don't complain.

And, no, I have not joined the Illuminati. LOL!


Love, Peace and Power!


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