Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. This is a comforting thought, except, it is not completely true. It is somewhat true. Sure, people have differences in preferences but true beauty is in energy, and that energy is honed and concentrated by geometry. So, beauty is in the eye of the beholder within certain constructs of geometry, symmetry and how certain shapes pull in energy, making them "shine" or exude beauty, while other shapes create an interference and emit energy that does not get perceived with pleasure, or where the object doesn't get perceived at all.

Above geometry and symmetry, beauty is in how much energy an object receives. Therefore, even an object without harmony can exude beauty if it is replenished with energy and brimming with vitality. It is just that, those objects who are geometrically harmonious compel energy to it, while those that aren't geometrically harmonious need effort to have energy, an energy that has to either be taken or donated. Whereas, naturally beautiful things are given energy without trying.

Beauty vs Geometry
So, as idealistic as it may sound, not all things are beautiful, but all things can be beautiful. If an object has the advantage of great geometry working for it, then you find that most people are almost hypnotized by it, giving it attention and energy without trying to, willingly pouring their power into it, like a moth to a flame. Whereas, other non-symmetric objects are not as hypnotizing as best as possible.

Things that are beautiful are things that appeal to us on a subconscious level. As much as we think we choose what we find beautiful, this is not the case. The object of beauty commands us to pay attention to it. It does not usually do this on purpose. As I said, it is its design, its energy and its vitality that determines how we react to it. As much as we CAN be programmed to view certain things as more beautiful than others, as some believe that western beauty has been programmed to be the accepted form of beauty of the world, the truth is, even programming can be overridden by true, natural and universal beauty of PHI.
We had to learn how to draw this in school with a pencil, compass and protractor

At the end of the day, as much as certain images are being programmed into our brains to be what is meant to be beautiful, in our real lives, when it comes to choosing the things that we find beautiful, they usually are not in line with what popular culture determines. I have heard it time and time again from men saying, "We don't like skinny women", while skinny women are considered the "true" beauty. Why is that?

That is because although we think that the beauty and sex industries are telling us what is beautiful, the truth is that, the beauty and sex industry is not selling beauty at all. What they are selling is the "un-attainability". They are selling us what we can't be, because they know that we don't know what we are to actually realize that we can not BE what they are selling.

Phi in faces and nature
If we knew what we are, we would not have insecurities. If we knew who we are, we wouldn't have a lack of satisfaction for what we are. If we knew who we are, we would know that beauty is what's full of life, not what is wilting, or dying. If we knew who we are, we would know that we feel beautiful and perceive beauty when we feel a certain vibration, NOT when we see a certain object. The object's shape is merely a tool and vessel to summon the energy that is then interpreted as beauty. It is never the object itself that is beautiful. It is the energy that the object commands that makes us feel beauty.

Of course, we can perceive energy through our senses, and it is easy to think that it is the eye that sees beauty, but the eye is merely a tool through which we can feel the beauty. The eye, the nose, the touch and the ear and the mouth are just tools to interpret the energy that an object is emitting, and sending it to our brain to be perceived as "pleasure" or "disgust" or "neither here or there".

The senses, just as your body, are a tool, not the Self.

What does the pentagram REALLY symbolize?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Not quite, but kinda. Beauty is more complex than that. Beauty involves the object being perceived as much as the tools used to perceive the object. The object can emit no energy for any tool to perceive its existence, and until the object gets powered up, it might be considered "lacking in beauty". The very same object can therefore be perceived as beautiful, not because the beholder changed, but because the object changed. Similarly, Beauty can be in the eye of the beholder because the beholder (tool) might not be sophisticated enough or designed in such a way so as not to perceive or appreciate the object's energy.


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