Astrology For Lovers: Part 1

Dearest Reader,

After all my crushes, relationships and partnerships come to an end, I always do a postmortem astrology reading about what could have been, or what was responsible for the end, through relationship charts such as Synastry charts and Composite charts as seen below. It helps fill the void when I have nothing to hold on to. I actually read charts to fall asleep. It's not that they are boring. I guess it is because they are therapeutic and slightly tedious, with all the detail needed to read one.

Below is our Composite Interpretation, Me and Mr. La Douche..

Please Note: Anything about astrology tells us of possibilities, not absolutes. For example, these aspects were never given a chance to manifest because the situation never came for them to come about. Also, some people are more mature than the astrological chart, therefore they bypass the negative energies and handle them with love, tolerance and understanding. Truth be told, relationships with harder aspects have survived and flourished because the people involved were committed to make it work. What astrology does is just tell you possible things that might come up and need addressing.

The interpretations below are taken from using their Astro Click Partner free tool. You can go there too and play around with it.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant  
The conjunction of the composite Sun and the Ascendant signifies a relationship that is likely to have a considerable impact on its surroundings. It may be that you are simply a striking pair of people who impress others easily without making any special effort to do so. But it may also be that the two of you are trying to make an impact on those around you for reasons of your own. You are not likely to bow to social pressures. The most important point about this relationship is that it will have considerable integrity. You will be true to yourselves, and that will certainly help to win you the admiration of others.

Moon Conjunct Mars  
The conjunction of composite Moon and composite Mars indicates that you arouse very strong feelings in each other, but by itself it does not indicate whether they are good or bad feelings. In a love relationship, for example, this aspect indicates that you will have a very strong emotional involvement. The relationship will probably stir up both positive and negative emotions in both of you.

If your relationship is basically good, you will simply experience a heightened emotional involvement, although with a greater tendency to quarrel. But if your relationship is not otherwise very sound, it will be destroyed by the fighting that this aspect produces. One of the strong points of this aspect is that in a sexual relationship it creates a good deal of sexual energy.

Mercury Conjunct Ascendant  
The conjunction of composite Mercury and Ascendant signifies a relationship in which communication and shared ideas are very important. Fortunately, you are not likely to fall into rigid patterns of behavior in this relationship. The two of you will seek as many varied experiences as possible, but you will tend not to go into any of them very deeply. Shallowness is the most negative characteristic of Mercury. Although you may cover a lot of ground in your experiences together, you often only skim the surface Do not let superficiality deprive the two of you of deep emotional experiences together.

Venus Square Uranus  
With the square of Venus and Uranus in the composite chart, you can confidently expect the unexpected. A relationship can flare up and then die with incredible speed. Indeed, if you are looking for a quiet, reliable, long-term association, this is probably not it.

A relationship with this aspect is destroyed usually because one of the people tries to hold on to something within it. This makes the other person feel trapped and rebellious about the restrictions.
Often a relationship like this has something very unusual about it and may even fly in the face of social convention. Many extramarital affairs have this aspect or a similar one. In a way, the relationship lives because of this forbidden quality. If you break off your old relationships in favor of one such as this, you will discover that making it legitimate has taken away the "zing" of unconventionality. The two of you lose interest in each other, and the affair dies.

In its own terms, a relationship with this aspect is usually successful in one way or another. But if you want it to be long-lasting, you must operate from a very unstructured and open position with a minimum of restrictions.

Venus Sextile Pluto  
Venus sextile Pluto in the composite chart is an intensely transforming aspect, but it works in an undemanding way. The basic significance of this aspect is that your relationship will change the ways you think about the world, as well as changing your personal objectives. You both will be changed by the relationship, but you may not be aware of the process as it is happening. The only thing you will notice is that your feelings will have a depth that is not often found in a relationship.

Even a friendship with this aspect will have a greater sense of emotional involvement than usual.
In a sexual relationship the qualities of this aspect become especially evident. The whole relationship, and particularly the physical part of it, becomes a way of transcending the ordinariness of life.
Do not treat this relationship lightly, but do not be afraid of it either. It can be particularly rewarding.

Venus Sextile Saturn  
Venus sextile Saturn in a composite chart will have a certain restraining effect upon a relationship, ranging from a lasting sense of distance between you to a restrained but otherwise very affectionate bond. A love relationship with this aspect may be more durable than most, but both of you would approach it with a sense of duty as well as enjoyment. If this is a marriage, this aspect might make you stay together for the sake of the children or some such reason, when other couples would have split up. If there is affection between you, it is quiet and without fanfare; in fact, you may not show it overtly at all. In a business or professional relationship this aspect favors such endeavors as commercial art and practical design work of all types.

Venus Trine Neptune  
The trine of composite Venus and Neptune indicates a highly idealized relationship. If this a love affair, it is a very romantic one; if it is a friendship, you probably idealize each other's attributes. This relationship may also stimulate great creativity in one of you, enabling you to write poetry or music.

Venus and Neptune together mean the beautiful illusion. In a trine, however, the word "ideal" might be more appropriate than "illusion." Even so, you must try to stay in touch with the everyday world. Like many other configurations of Neptune, this aspect is often characterized by a platonic relationship. If there is physical sex, it is highly idealized.Your relationship should actually be quite beautiful and pleasant, but in order for it to exist successfully in the material world, you cannot spend all your time in the ideal world of your dreams.

Mars Square Uranus  
A personal relationship with this aspect is most likely to be successful if you have few expectations for it. With the square of Mars and Uranus in your composite chart, the two of you are especially impatient of objectives that "must" be attained. This relationship will take its own course.

This is not an especially good aspect if you hope to establish some type of permanent bond. Nor is it very good for a business relationship, for example, in which there are definite objectives to be gained. Such a relationship is not impossible, but you must allow a great deal of room for the unexpected and for sudden change. Almost certainly there is something here that goes against social convention. If that fact restricts either of you, it will be even more difficult. On the positive side, one thing is certain. If you are looking for a stimulating relationship that will bring something new into your world, this is it. Just give yourselves room to move. 

I love doing this when a relationship ends, just to look at what could have been had circumstances agreed.

Yours Dreamily,
Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Lover, Loved!


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