Observing A Party

Dearest Reader,

I am going through something quite awkward right now and I thought... "Why not write about it?". So, I came back from a very cool meeting this afternoon, with my agent. We spoke about this and that, but mainly about my bright future and then, when that was done, I was craving a bit of chocolate, so I went to a restaurant with wi-fi connection and sat there and did some work while binging on a chocolate fondant..

I sat quietly almost all day, just browsing the net and just sending emails, waiting for my two tardy friends. These friends are unfocussed and don't know the meaning of time but at least one of them showed up. When she finally did, we didn't even sit for an hour before a party started forming around us.

Now, I am the stuck up looking, "Thank you, but I don't drink" girl on the ol' laptop when there is actually a party going on around me. It is someone's birthday and I am feeling weird because even though I came here first, these people's numbers are making me feel awkward.

Then, in this party that's happening around me, there are familiar faces and I just want to go home now. It is not too crowded as to make me uncomfortable, but I am very uncomfortable that I want to leave. So, my friend stepped out for a second and I am sitting alone , feeling "Aaaaarrrgggg". So, I am crossing my fingers that these bitches.

Anyway, during this party, a friend of mine and I just squashed long-standing beef. LOL. Hai! I need to go home and sleep. It's my birthday tomorrow.


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power.


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