My Debutant Red Carpet Ride

Dearest Reader,

One thing that you may not know about me is that I am stubborn and a bit unapologetic about who I am. I remember on my first years of getting into "Showbiz" and asking myself how I was going to get my foot in. I remember being told that I should socialize and rub shoulders with the "Who's Who" of the industry, and at one point, it was suggested that I date someone in the limelight. I refused all of those strategic and probably very useful suggestions and said, " I will not be known for anything but myself".

I am proud. I am proud of the skills I have developed, work that I have produced thus far, and of the people who have had faith in me because of the work I have produced. Basically, I don't want to be famous, and worst of all, I don't want to be famous for being famous or for being famous for being some man's malignant tumor. I refuse. I desire to be accomplished and known for my accomplishments! Period. Otherwise, you have no business knowing who I am.

I am Veronnica Wolpendz. I am a singer, song-writer, actress, author, guitarist, facilitator, public speaker and philanthropist. I am not a socialite and I shall never be one. I have too little patience for people to be a socialite, smiling at people when I don't feel like it just so I am invited to the next party? Nah, fuck that! I will be known for all my skills and nothing less. I am an artist, through and through. Besides creating art, I don't have the time to be a socialite because I prefer to sleep rather than hang around with people I seldom know.

For the past few years, I have chosen who I would like to have around me based on the energy I have with these people. That is all I need, i.e. friends and family around. As for acquaintances, they can get me through my agent and manager and we can meet at that party which I will leave early because people make me uncomfortable. Otherwise, I can't be bothered to be deemed as the "In crowd" because all that shit is fleeting. You can't be hot forever. New kids are coming up every single day, and as you know... The things I aspire to have and aspire to be, are eternal.

I don't desire to be a phase. I desire immortality. That comes with a price. It comes with turning your back on today for the benefit of tomorrow. Books last forever, songs last forever, but does popularity last forever? I don't think so.

So, after discussing this issue with my agent, that I am not bothered about being the "It Kid" and so on, that I am concerned with my craft and leaving a legacy for generations to come, she said, "You are perfect" The less you know these people, the better. I will place you where it is important for you to be. It will be like work." And yes, I would rather socialize for work. I do not do anything that does not fit my greater vision. Please note that about me.

I never take my eyes off the prize. Yes, I might seem to have, but you have no idea how focused and determined I am to do things my way. I do not desire to be interviewed for anything other than my work. I desire not to be known as so-and-so's friend. I am ME. I am the ONE, the STAR, the LEGEND and I will not ride people's coat tails to get there because it will dilute my vision.

Call me arrogant. Hey, I am arrogant, but I don't pull things out my ass. I speak my truth. When I go to an event, I don't want to be someone's date. I am the guest, and I will have a date who accompanies me and carries my bag while I take photos. Even when you google me, I made sure to add an extra N to Veronnica so that not all other Veronics's steal my shine, or I steal theirs.

I will not go to a party without being invited by the person hosting it.

I will not be at a function if I am not there to contribute to it, as an integral part of the proceedings behind the scenes or front of house.

I will not!

So, as I go to a red carpet event, please keep that in mind. This evening is about me and my colleagues, not about trying to be seen for anything other than the works I am about to embark upon. I don't try to be seen. It is either you see me or you don't.

The End,

Veronnica (With two n's) Wolpendz.
Love, Peace and Power to You and I.

P.S. As transparent as I am, ask yourself this question "Where have you ever seen me? Do you even know where I am right now or who I'm with?" You know what I am thinking, not about who I am thinking of or who I am with. There is a reason for that. It is because it is none of your business and it takes away from me. :) Ciao.


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