Now, don’t let this image get your knickers in a knot! It’s not “demonic”… It is just one of the strongest archetypes of my personality.

Pluto was God of the underworld and its riches. The name is the Latinized form of Greek Πλούτων (Ploutōn), another name by which Hades was known in Greek mythology, possibly from the Greek word for wealth, πλοῦτος (ploutos).

“In your horoscope Pluto symbolizes death, rebirth, sex, evolution, degeneration and regeneration, and symbolizes the breakdown of psychological blocks that prevent evolutionary growth. It is the higher octave of Mars, where it represents the conscious self-knowledge and self-mastery of the magician and alchemist standing above brute force and physical prowess; and it is also the fabulous and elusive Phoenix bird. Pluto rules the sign Scorpio in which initially/exoterically it symbolizes mastery of the emotions through the use of the will, and finally/esoterically it represents transcendence through consciousness of the ego-identified self. This is the true and liberating death of the self born here to earth.” Read more on the Plutonian Archetype

Have you ever wondered why the Apostle's Creed "claims" that Jesus descended into hell, and why He has the keys of death and hell in Revelations 1:18?

Since we are through the optional educational bits, the blog can begin...


Always around this time of year, I retreat. It is just a pattern I have seen occur. I then resurface in July or June, or so. The coming out of the shell begins around end of February to March of every year. And as I realized that it is an annual pattern, I couldn’t help but think of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Then, I thought of the Solar System, which led me to think of astronomy, which then led me to think of astrology.

Then I realized that my year doesn’t begin in January, but that it begins sometime in December. I usually end and begin things in the middle of December somewhere, and then I realized that, I usually end and begin things on the Solstice week, the 21st of December being the apex of the Summer/Winter solstice. Then I looked back and saw that each and every year, at around the Solstice period, I was either beginning or ending something, a regime, a ritual or a study of sorts. This year would have been the 7th year of doing such things, but it isn’t.

As soon as I saw the number 7 pop up, I began to think of numbers. 7 is a prime number. This is not so special, considering that there is an infinite amount of primes. But, 7 is the number that’s shrouded in mystery in mystical teachings. Then I thought of chakras, numerology, Kabala and mused on what I know of the number 7.

Then, I remembered some things that are happening or about to happen, especially on the 31st of December. I realized that there is a blue moon on New Years Eve. Then I realized that this New Year’s Eve is not just any end of a year, but the end of a decade. Yes, it is the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Then I remembered that there is also a partial lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve. I then wondered why the cosmos (or why my awareness) is putting so much emphasis on this year’s end, more than it had done on the other years before this.

For some reason, as I kept thinking of these dots that are connecting in front of my eyes, something inside of me spoke with confidence and said, “Gravity is not just physics; gravity is also meta-physics!!! (this was the “guru” talking, as the guru usually speaks to me as I explained in my blog Half an Hour In the Mind of Veronnica Wolpendz)

Then I responded to the “guru” in utter boredom, rolling my eyes and said, “I know, so what?”

Then, there was silence, which I figured meant: "figure it out yourself, you lazy ass!" And so I sighed, and started to think:

Me thinking: The gravitational force of earth (of this realm) is dependent not only on tangible things such as the mass of an object and the distance between two objects. Gravity is also dependent on the mass of our consciousness, and the HEAVINESS of things. Like, literally how we are emotionally, mentally and spiritually, will affect the forces on earth, including electromagnetic ones, which in turn can cause weather changes and such."

Then I paused and thought of John Mayer, and said, "That boy might not be letting on about his metaphysics know-how, or he has no idea what the bigger meaning of his album titles and songs might be…"

"Anyway, as I was saying, gravitational force depends also on people’s heaviness (How grave "it" is. “The gravity of the matter” – it is no coincidence that we use that in our figure of speech), the HEAVINESS of our expectations, resulting in the HEAVINESS of vibes (vibrational emissions). Therefore,I dunno whether it is directly proportional or conversely proportional but gravity and feelings go hand in hand. So, all the dots are telling me to lighten up; to lighten my load, to lighten my vibes, to lighten my thoughts and to lighten my soul. This is what this period means to me, the conclusion I came upon a few weeks ago as the dots started connecting. That's why gravity came up? Right? Right?”

“Not Quite!”, said the guru.

Then I paused a bit and this is what I came up with at my last try.

"It has been 6 years of letting go of things, and on the 7th year, I am resting.



End of internal conversation.

So, what does this end of year hold for you, if anything? Did you see weird synchronicities/synchronizations as I did?

Apparently, I am resting, finally! Good Times! The years of being The Da Vinci Code albino are GONE! (God, I do like referring to that albino. It’s probably the best thing about that book. Anyway…) Well, I can’t rest, as in, do nothing.

I am ending my internal digging, and mining – the search to find the hidden cancer causing stuff, the stuff that made me afraid of living before. What I mean is that my soul work (although an on going thing) is done, for the time being! No more intensive work. Only maintenance now. And to think that when I started this, I thought it would take me a month, and look… 7 years!!

It’s time to have fun now, and not to the detriment of my spirit, but within the boundaries of my mind/body/spirit’s well-being. It’s time to savour the taste, touch, scent, sight and the sounds of life, and give thanks to everything I experience, because honestly, with baggage, it is hard to do all those things and mean it.

(Repressing (or hiding stuff at times), and not dealing with them (not owning them) by acting as if you don’t have stuff to deal with, is the source of feeling like a fraud to yourself and of feeling like a FAKE to others, just FYI! Even if you’re not lying about anything, really - it just oozes out of ya because to consciousness, truth is truth, so repressing stuff and lying about stuff, feels the same to the intuition of the beholder, so to speak.)

You know how, as I once said that, if a pacifist encounters a warmonger, that it might be necessary for the pacifist to be as the warmonger, for the purposes of stopping the warmonger? Well, I had an enemy inside me, demons/pain-body (call it whatever) that needed to be sorted out, and not by believing that everything is okay when it isn’t, but by engaging these things, “mano a mano”.

This meant going into the underworld, and being part of the underworld, but without losing my objective of going into such depths (because you can lose yourself to the underworld, trust!). I needed to face “it”, and not deny “its” existence by being everything it was not, because you do know that none of that “positivity” means shite if your aura is a cold, dark, murky cloud? You do know that in real-life, not play-life, to fake it until you make it is bull, because you can’t fool anyone for long, and you can never fool yourself. That's why I went in under.

So, I am done! All the crap I gathered in life before today is dealt with, apart from a few finishing touches here and there, but yeah, I am finished. Now I can start collecting more crap for the next stint. *I am giggling while typing this because I just might collect more gunk if I don’t do the daily spiritual inventory, just because I am done.* I knew when I began this year that this year was going to be a doozy because it was like the final stretch to something – but at the time I thought that it meant that I was about to die (I get that a lot and I even realized that there was only one thing that I haven't done before I die, probably why I am still alive *hahaha*). And, yeah… It is a metaphorical death/birth, this. Isn’t it?

Well, Happy New Year.

May we all die in the depths of the underworld, to be reborn again [in this hell hole… kidding!!]


Anonymous said…
Hi! I really like your blog, and wanted to share it with others. I've given you a Kreativ Blogger Award. See the particulars here jd
Wow! Thanks Julie. I really appreciate this.
qwerty said…
These kind of topics are cool when you are well informed i barelt know about "archetypes" but this pretty much defines the current stage of my life... keep your blogging up; you are interesting.
Awwww... thank you qwerty for reading and giving feedback. It means a lot. Also, keep reading! xoxo

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