Dear Friends
As I said, in times previous to this moment, I have been experiencing problems with writing my lyrics. Well, the problem is solved and I am a happier person because of it. It all happened on Saturday, as I was messing about on the guitar, humming the song (because it had no lyrics) when suddenly it came upon me. Yes, the song is still called “Always” but I discovered why I couldn’t write it.

The issue was that I was concentrating on “Always” LOVING a person, which I just couldn’t write about, but instead what I was supposed to be writing about was “Always” WAITING for something, be it a person or thing, waiting being an emotion to which I am better accustomed, an emotion which I am feeling right now. As soon as I came to that place where I knew what the “Always” was referring to, the lyrics came to me like manna from heaven. So, the song is 80% done, with lyrics being 100% completed. I feel much better because this song has been bugging me for the last month, or so now.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to share.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead.



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