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Dearest Reader,

Humans love to take lone credit for good things, and lone blame for bad things. These actions are incredibly extremist and imbalanced, therefore untrue in the bigger scheme of things, the bigger scheme being the scheme of the absolute. Save yourself the fear of losing recognition and save yourself the fear of love. You can not lose something that you never owned, and you can not lose what you are made of. We are co-creators, even if YOU didn’t directly lift a finger in how events unfolded. 

Basically, there is no one to blame, and credit belongs to everyone. So, just be accountable of your contribution, whether it was doing something or doing nothing at all. Acts and no-acts are all acts. We are designed to create, even when we refuse to. It is a Universal Law that we create always, just as we can not deny cause and effect. Therefore, let your heart be glad that nothing that ever existed occurred without you. We are together in this. We are brothers and sisters, walking beside one another, some walking hand-in-hand, in a thick mist. 

When one slips, we all slip. When one finds the path, we all find the path. Wisdom, love and laughter are felt by one and all. The same goes for pain and sorrow. You can not escape this reality until all of us do. You can not love without another feeling love. What you do and do not do affects us all. Be mindful of this when you become self-righteous or frustrated. Know that you are a co-creator in all that is, was and shall be. This is your reality as it is mine. Therefore, just let go and live.


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!


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