Tired As F*ck!

Dearest Reader,

Birds are chirping outside. It is dawn already. It is a new day, and the last day of February on a leap year, on the year of the apocalypse, February 29th, 2012. Ha! Apparently, women are supposed to ask men out today? Or is this something that happens throughout the entire year? Also, apparently, Earth is supposed to go berserk and destroy us all. Anyway, who cares? It doesn't matter to me. If I wanted to ask someone out on a date, I am sure I would ask them, leap year or not. And, if we are going to all die, I am sure that there is little I can do about it. Ugh! The idea of an apocalypse is depressing, so moving on...

I decided to sleep early, but all that did was make my sleeping patterns more unruly. I had woken up to visit the loo at around 02:37am and I never quite fell back to sleep. Then... an IM conversation on Whatsapp might have also contributed to my inability to fall asleep, so I am up. I don't even know who I was speaking to, that's how drunk I was with sleep. I think I must check my phone and see who I was speaking to and see what I said, just in case I might have to do some damage control. I know I make it sound as if I speak to people on the phone in a daze on a regular basis, but this is a rare occurrence and I am a bit uncomfortable that I was carrying a conversation with someone I don't remember. Plus, knowing myself, I can be quite the weirdo, unpredictable crazy, so I don't put anything pass myself when I am sleepy. Look at twitter for example. I tweet the most transparent, most sensitive and most uncomfortable things when I am sleepy.

*grabs phone and checks chat history*

Oh! It was my brother's friend. *shrug*

Hmmm... Today is going to be a highly charged day. There is a lot going on, and a lot that needs to be done and decided upon. On top of that, I have to fit in 8 hrs' sleep. I wonder how they do it? I mean, how do recording artists get time to do their work effectively and still maintain their balance in mind, body and spirit? The last 5 days have been strenuous for me because I not only had work to think of but I also had things on the personal front which demanded and drained my energy. *Sigh* I bet I look tired.

I think I need to get on a really strict raw food diet as a form of detox because on top of all these strains, I have been having an unsettled tummy which just makes life even more of a challenge. I bet I wouldn't be as drained if my tummy was fine.

So, from now on, I will adopt the following as a prerequisite for my life:

  1. 1 day of fasting per week.
  2. 1 day of raw food detox a week
  3. 1 day of pampering a week
  4. 1 day of staying home a week
  5. 1 day of hanging with friends a week
I don't know how I will make that work, but somewhere in a week, all those things must be done because right now I feel like drinking lots of water and eating fruit all day while sitting in bed or on the couch and doing nothing. All I know is that, I have to find balance. I can't have my system out of whack. I can't be feeling anything but vitality. I feel like crap right now, to be honest. Bummer! 

So, on that note, let me go and attempt to sleep again, and hopefully I will wake up at 4pm or something, or the next day on March 1st. Wouldn't that just be wonderful? Yeah, I am drained. it is time to reboot. When I wake up, whenever that will be, I will meditate and gather energy and spend time alone. You see, most of the reason of being drained is the fact that I have been unable to be alone much except when sleeping and that doesn't count. 

Sorry for the bitching. Life is pretty awesome minus the tiredness, so don't feel bad for me. But, please understand that, I am tired and I need to rejuvenate so I am ignoring you for a good reason. As a matter of fact, I should contact my manager and tell him that my phone will be off so as not to be disturbed by phone calls and text messages as I was earlier this morning. 


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace, Power!

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