Gluten: The Backstabbing Friend!

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Dearest Reader,

I am in disbelief and in subtle annoyance that I should be up at this ungodly hour, 07:48am. I only fell asleep 4 hours ago or so. I am not subdued enough to sleep, but I am also not alert enough to be productive. That disposition of ambiguity is annoying. I am a decisive person, and grey areas are generally not my favorite. Therefore, to try to make use of this multi-dimensional state of mind, I decided that the only thing that I can do is write. So, here goes:

To begin with, I have a low tolerance for gluten, but due to greed and obvious masochist behavior, I ate a lot of bread and pasta in these last 24 hours and now I have stomach cramps. Perfect! That's exactly what I need in my life right now as I am busy recording. Just perfect.

Secondly, I had an awesome time at the studio last night. Preparation and taking one's work seriously, always reaps favourable results, and I am confident to report that we created a hit yesterday. What's left today is for me to go back to studio today and tie up loose ends on the tracks and add finishing touches such as harmonies and ad-libs to the song. Pain or not, I am going to that studio to finish what I started. *works myself up like a Berserker*

*ooohh, I just got caught by a very strong sleepiness as I type this. Good!*

Obviously, I can't go on typing now. I need to grab the opportunity to sleep while it presents itself. One thing I must be mindful of is that, in the next blog, I need to discuss a few things that every singer should be aware of before embarking on a recording career; things such as publishing rights, SAMRO (for South African artists), contracts and agreements, and intellectual property.

I feel that this is an important topic of discussion because from what I have been seeing thus far, a lot of artists are so caught up on trying to be famous that they have forgotten to look out for their own best interests, leaving themselves vulnerable to being broke, and taken advantage of by those who know the laws that govern music. Of course, I don't suffer fools, therefore, I don't feel that ignorant artists are victims of other people, but just victims of their own lack of intellectual vigilance; victims of their own ignorance. The point though will be to demonstrate that, as an artist, you have to be smart and you can't be driven by fame being your goal because fame is fleeting, but personal power can be long-lasting .

Artists need to treat their careers as any business, hence it is called SHOW BUSINESS!

In music, and in all arts, business principles have to be kept under close surveillance. There is no time for romanticizing things in business. Yes, we do it for the love of our art, but how loving is it for artists to remain poor and unsustainable to practice their art? In the next blog, I would like to touch on a few factors which can contribute to making or breaking your as a success, because believe it or not, even as an unknown artist, I am fairly knowledgeable and successful (as far as I am concerned). I will also explain why it takes longer to start reaping rewards in SHOW BIZ if you treat it as a business with sustainable resources.I will also give advice on some spiritual principles that if kept, can attract abundance, love and peace.

My brother just woke up. I didn't realize that I still had my earplugs on until he started talking to me. LOL. He sort of snapped me out of my sleepiness.

I think I will just go to the pharmacy or better yet, I should drink tons of water and see if this stomach can calm down with the pain and cramps. Gawd! A life without bread! I don't think I can do it. I mean, I don't drink, or smoke, or do drugs, and nor do I eat meat. Now, am I to accept that I can't eat bread either? What kind of life is that? I have never quit anything I liked ingesting, so putting gluten behind me is going to be a taxing journey because I like carbs. I might not succeed in quitting, but we'll see...

I am not going to go back to sleep, but I am going to go back to bed and drink water as if my life depends on it, to flush out whatever is making me uncomfortable. I am not going to the pharmacy. I have made enough contributions to the pharmaceutical companies this month what with period pains, fever and sore chest. So... No more!!


Cheerio, kiddos!

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace, Power!


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