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Dearest Reader, 

"Commentary" is the title to one of the earliest songs I have ever recorded. I wrote this song because someone said rapping and rhyming was something I wouldn't be able to do. So, to prove a point, I made this song. I am not a rapper per se, but I can rap I guess as it is proved in this song. You can click on the title of this blog to go it, and download it for free if you like. I will also attach the player below. But, before any more discussions on the song, here are the lyrics, so that you can read along as you bump the song through your earphones:

"Commentary" by Veronnica Wolpendz

Don't ever let karma bite your ass
Treasure every soul - let only pleasure be what has
What is, and what will be
To be or not to be
Should be where liberty will be

Fear of death manifests the fear of life
And the strife of fighting to find the right to be alive
Keeps me participating, instead of spectating
In this crazy game of this crazy life

For every action there's an equal reaction
Inevitable like the attraction of a complement fraction
Make a connection, so you can love your reflection
Not the fluxion of the media's misleading altercations

Innuendos of tomorrow outside my window
Echoes a mess in my head that I won't show
Don't call nobody happy until they die
'Cause we're living a lie, we smile, while inside our soul cries

Every time I look into your eyes I see the same trials
'Cause everybody cries sometimes
Every time i look into your eyes I see the same trials

I'm sick an tired-
Of hearing of some suit, stealing our loot-
Spreading abuse by not choosing the truth
They call it parliament-
I call it a damn zoo, a bunch of animals-
Eating our flesh, they might as well be cannibals

With all out leaders being so irresponsible
The end of poverty, rape and corruption seems impossible
I say we take them to the stake and crucify them
But first we identify 'em, so they can testify and then we fry 'em

Whining about crime while they are wining and dining
Styling and shining while our children are crying
Cheese and wine parties while we fight for cheddar
And er... hunger while they are getting fatter

They world's fantastic and yes, I'm being sarcastic
Drastic measures are taken 'cause we don't have no plastic
They turn a blind eye to all this hunger
We'll spill some red wine for a little bread and butter


If I ever include this song in my future album, it will be re-recorded and tweaked a bit because... Well, because of a lot of things. For starters, my voice was not very good on this song, but now my voice is much better since I no longer smoke (clean for more than 3 years now) and also because I have been practicing singing more since I take singing seriously and my career seriously now than then.

In this song, my distaste and suspicion toward politicians is none too subtle. I hate the fact that the world has resources that could feed double our current population, and how people still starve. I hate it so much. To see pain in people's eyes is something that literally breaks my heart. I can't handle it. 

Another funny thing (not funny ha-ha, but funny "weird") is that I'm just the way I was 4 years ago when I recorded this song, I still don't fear death, I am still very conscious of karma and what I put out into the world and I still see a lot of pain in people's eyes, hiding behind hollow smiles. I see it all the time. The difference now is that I don't lose sleep about it because I have learned that most people who are in pain CHOOSE to be in it. 

Anyway, I was just sharing some music of mine. 


Veronnica Wolpendz
Love | Peace | Power


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