A Voice Message From Me.

Dear Reader,

You have read my words for years but I bet you have never heard how I sound, until NOW. Well here it is:

  Audio Recording on Wednesday night 29/06/2011 by Veronnica Wolpendz
Big lips, eh? But I like 'em!!

Along with this goodie is a free download of my song called "I Ordain". It is a romantic, soppy love song which was inspired by race car driver Lewis Hamilton. I am a fan of Formula 1, and I support McLaren Mercedes, and I was in my cottage in Bordeaux in 2009, feeling all alone and playing my guitar while watching the race in mute, when I wondered how these traveling men and women of sport, showbiz and business must miss their loved ones when they are on the road doing what they love. I imagined myself in the same position. It was easy to do so because I was already away from my loved ones, but I turned the song into a romantic one, where a lover longs for his/her better half.

Anyway, the song is called "I Ordain" and it is free to download whenever you wish. Listen to it, love it and spread it.

Thank you again,


Love | Peace | Power

  I Ordain by Veronnica Wolpendz 

P.S. I can't listen to my voice. I cringe every time. I always wonder "Is this how I sound?"




Anonymous said…
Dearest muse, I’ve been reading, listening, absorbing & processing. I’ve been visualising, recollecting. & just as I stand witness to these grand seeds of epiphany germinate right before my very eyes, the sheer magnificence of their flower in defiance of the most elementary of all articulation, I have been writing.

Steadfast as you are here,
For yours’ worldly goodness rout,
Hurriedly now, and readily then,
And much more hastily-like,
Yours’ consortium to Wicca’s court.

And now much more in wanting,
Of hers’ unspeakable depths,
As impetuously as,
Yours bestowed upon wanton depravity,
As yours is to weep,
Every bit the gallant matador you seem,
Incorrect leader of the vanguard that you are,
Yours’ valour now much esteemed,
And I do suppose,
And as it is,
Now stellar-like,

Yet befallen,
And subject to hers’ wily craft,
Much like ashen ghosts of hers’ innocence past,
Here here,
Loyal emissary to the morning star,
Yours here deflowered,
Much indiscriminately,
As are women here to you;
Much too often invariable,
As odd rations often are,
And much too often devoured,
As odd rations would too often be,
At yours’ thieves’ banquet,

And it will be the way,
Here outright and way yonder,
As it is a straight gate we’re now upon,
And as I here do suppose,
That hers could here render congruent,
Yours’ chaplain’s much misguided guise,
Yours’ fundament,
Outlandish as whore’s logic,
Hers in resting on yours’ laurels,
Your virility much the conduit,
Hers in yours’ pillow-banter,
A tug at the soul,
Astute words seamstress,
Recipient to yours’ king’s bounty,
Gut’s heart-wrench,
Hers a gambler’s glory,
Yours a deathly silence;
Much construed as inaction,
Misconstrued as approval,
By way of a seal…

Ought to be less frugal,
By way of a moment’s peer,
Moments upon setting sail,
And much further from the wind,
By way of a moment’s peer,
Of structural rigidity,

Versus time,

Versus resistance,

Versus pace,

Versus secular interference,

By way of pain;
By way of ecstatic rapture,

Yours, here false,
And much self-serving,
Dared proclaim self anything but;
Much ado about mortal frustration,
Yours a most basic interpretation;
Matters spiritual and temporal,
By way of man’s resolve or God’s,
Or therein yours perhaps,
By temperatures tempura;


As is, here in descript,
By way of Technicolor,

Similes and the like…”
*Claps and gives a standing ovation!!*

You are a spiritual one, Anonymous. I didn't miss the subtle references to the esoteric and the metaphysics. My heart skipped as I read your words.

If you do not mind, I shall copy and paste this poem to my person files to read over and over...

Another thing that gives me pleasure about your words is that it seems you understand that as a woman, a The Morning Star, I am more than my body, but a spiritual being who has merely visited here using this vessel.

Your words are timeless. I love them. I feel Venus in you too, by the way. I am so infactuated with your words, I find myself thinking of them outside this blog.

Thank you for this wonderful gift. You have shared more of you than I could ever expect from people on the internet, and instead of being vulgar, you have managed to make nakedness what it was meant to be, beautiful and godly.

I am grateful for receiving your words, and I mean this from the deepest parts of my being.
Anonymous said…
Words stream Bun Bun.You're mighty welcome.

"Bun Bun" tells me that you're not South African, Anonymous. Most likely American. :-D *getting clues*

Anonymous said…
Aowa Bun Bun. Ke monna wa mo Afrika.

Broadacres, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.

LMAO! Hahhaha... Nevermind. I have no clue who you are then. That made me laugh out loud.

So, you name starts with an "M" though, right?
Anonymous said…
Laughter is good. With an 'M' Yep di do. & You do know who I am, we have recently met...but assumptions got the best of us that day.
Anonymous said…
We aren't predisposed to overtly social backdrops you & I, and alas, on that day & subsequent to the fact, as strong as our frequency was, our signals got interrupted & subdued by the mayhem & I didn't see you. I felt you however, your magnetism, having had to cross paths with you that day. You overwhelmed and you lingered, and in seeking understanding, I found you. Hello Queen, mine was in assuming a static status quo.
We met?? He banna! LMAO!

You know... I don't meet many people generally. Especially people with a name that starts with M who live in Fourways...

And assumptions? Assumptions from my side or yours? Assumptions about what?

Just thinking back to my week or so, I have only met 2 men with the name beginning with M, and none live in Fourways as far as I know, unless the location was a fib???

Oh Fuck it! I don't want to speculate, but, the only writer I met, with the letter M for his first name, doesn't live in Fourways. He lives in Wanderers and I was sitting in his living room, reading his book of poetry while he spoke to his friend who is my manager. :-)

Anonymous said…
Oh but the assumptions Ms. Wolpendz, first i was American and now i am a writer? Lol! Actually you never got my name & i vaguely received yours. We got on, then bickered rather intensely, then got on again, then bickered some more, then got on again, only to bicker to a point where you left. Manager in tow.
LMAO! Bickering? No wonder I left. Hmmm... I have no idea. If you're not the archaeologist, then I have never met you. LMAO!


LOL @ mananger in tow. Hahahaha
Anonymous said…
I told you you looked Zulu, then spewed a little history, remember?
Yeah, I remember. LOL

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