You know... We live in a world filled with people who will give you a bad image, just by being who they are. How many times have you been accused or suspected of being something you're not because some asshole acted in the manner you're not just before you showed up? What I'm asking is: how many times have you paid for other people's sins?

Good people make snakes trustworthy, and the duplicitous make the sincere look bad. That is just how it works because unfortunately, people in this world can't take each case individually. People think in general terms. They refuse to do the brave and tough thing of judging people according to their own merits. Unfortunately, due to this, I've been accused and suspected of the most atrocious and the most wonderful things; things that are nowhere near who I am, resulting in disappointing or pleasantly surprising people without me lifting a finger. Yeah, they say I surprise them, when in actual fact THEIR prejudices and perceptions were the things that essentially surprised them. The beholder's imagination has a habit of getting away with them, raising their expectations to a level beyond that which is real.

The saddest of these false perceptions are those that reject goodness and love through cynicism caused by past hurts and such. This is when people would rather believe in the negative than the positive. This is when people would rather accept coldness from humans as what is true of people, and see warmth from humans as conditional. Sadly, this is how the world is these days, a bunch of people who would rather see ugliness as truth, and love as falsity. I'm so sad that I live in such a world, but regardless of that, count my words now; I will NEVER stop being a friendly, loving and truthful person. Yes, it is discouraging to give love and to receive suspicion and distrust from a person, but guess what? I wasn't being kind, loving and truthful to get anything in return. This is why whether you accept or reject my love, my love will go on. I am aware of the world I live in. I know that unconditional love is not common here. So, with or without your approval, you shall be loved. Yes, with or without your belief in my love for you, my love for you humans will still exist. It is only sad and discouraging because I just know that humans would benefit from knowing that they are loved, so when they don't believe, the love angel of my heart loses its wings. Don't despair, though. The wings grow back. :)

Ye, of little faith!

Ye, of little faith!

Ye, of little faith!

How long will humans shed tears, pray and plead for friendship, kindness and true unconditional love, yet when it comes to you, you turn your backs on it and claim that it is evil and insincere? What happened to your spirit of discernment where you can't tell your friends from your foes? What has dulled your sharp heart to make you feel that love is a weapon against you, that you reject it so?

Your cynicism and fear of being used and hurt is not protecting you. It is isolating you instead. Fear is an absence of love, don't you know this? Fear can not exist where love exist, so you may think you're protecting yourself from betrayal but you are merely being a loveless vessel.

Don't you know that no one can hurt you with love on your side? Don't you know that by protecting yourself with fear, you invite more fear in your life?

Therefore, do yourself this favor. No matter how many times they try to use you, remember that the light of love will expose their duplicitous ways. You don't have to be on guard all the time. You don't know enough to pull out the weeds from the flowers because they are still young and they look the same. Wait until the harvest, when weed and flower show their true colors. Then, pluck out the weeds when time has widened your perspective. Or not. You can cut down the weeds along with the flowers, and you won't lose much, but you surely won't gain much from such haste. Time always tells. Time is your friend, human, so use it.

And to those who get pleasantly surprised? Those are the lucky ones. Usually, people get angels sent to them but due to their haste and fear, they go through their entire lives thinking that they were never lucky enough to receive something good. Pray that you get pleasantly surprised and let time do its magic for you. Don't harvest your crop before it bears fruit.

On a personal note. I'm one of the good guys. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I love spreading love and good cheer, and I'm not proud enough to prevent me from celebrating and glorifying what I think is good. I know that the world thinks that to say that one is good means that one is lying about one's goodness. In my case, I am not going to lie and say I'm bad so that you think I'm "real" or "good" because when all is said and done, I know who I am, I like who I am, and although I'm far from perfect, I'll not be duplicitous even if it makes you think ill of me.


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