I like YOU and YOU and YOU too!

Death Reader,

I would like to discuss the things I like in this hell-hole called Earth. Sorry for the disenchanted attitude, but c'mon... It's no surprise that this planet is batshit crazy. But, regardless of the hot mess this planet is, I must admit that it does possess incredible redeeming qualities. You just have to know where to find them, and I have found a few, and thank you Jesus for that!

I like a few people on Earth. Yes, only a few. The rest can go awesomely to hell. Those that I like are remarkable, so remarkable in fact that I suspect that they are angels dressed as humans because, surely, humans can't be that great, can they? For all the awful people there are on Earth, these few individuals redeem them all. Due to these wonderful souls, I have not murdered anyone because I now have faith that humans can be more than what they present. Maybe, these a-holes don't know that they can be more than the scum they are. Who knows?

I like cats, but I can never have a cat for a pet because having a pet feels wrong to me. I know, we need to save the animals from animal shelters, and that to love animals is to own them, they say, but I can't "own" a living sentient being. It doesn't feel right to me, so I won't have a pet until I feel differently about this. Yes, I love cats. They get me, I get them. It's a perfect love affair. They are adorable, especially kittens. Canines are cool too, but I really like anything feline. I love cats, tigers and Tiger Woods! *Tiger Woods has lovely teeth...*

I also like raw food. Cooked food makes me feel sluggish, whereas raw food makes me feel fresh, upbeat and energetic. So, I eat a lot of fruit and raw veggies like peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes... Wait. Cucumbers and tomatoes are fruits, so I eat mostly fruit and peppers. Strangely, I hate raw carrots. I prefer them cooked. *shrug*

I also like honesty, objectivity, compassion, wisdom and honor.

Oooh, and lately, I've been liking a bit of Big Brother Amplified. I like it because I'm a people watcher. I go to restaurants, not for their food, but for their humans. What Big Brother does is bring the people into my home. Then I watch, analyze, laugh "AT" and not with the people in the Big Brother house. Big Brother gives me the opportunity to speculate on human behavior because I usually study human behavior to see patterns and make predictions about them.

Last, but not least, I like love and romance. In fact, I think I live for love, romance and its intrigues. I love falling in love, and I love expressing love. It's unfortunate that falling in love doesn't happen often, but I live for the day when I fall in love because it is just the sweetest gift ever. It is like getting a grander perspective on life because when we are in love, we see the human as God sees the human. How awesome is that?

On that note, I love you all, my dear readers. You, like many others out there, give my life purpose and motivation. That's how awesome you guys are. What sucks though is that you guys are such stingy and lousy feedback givers. If it wasn't for the software that tracks how many people read what on this blog, I'd be convicted that I'm talking to myself.

For those who do comment, more thanks to you! Yeah, silent readers, feel bad! *lol*

Good night!

I'm off to dream. Oh yes, I love "dreaming". I put quotation marks over the word "dreaming" because I decided sometime back that my "dreams" are my real life, and this Earth business is the dream; hence the insanity that ensued in my life recently. Now you know why. :)




Anonymous said…
I love loving your 'renegade'. Loving it fills me with a calming love...It floats me, your exchange. Makes sense, no? Haha! Bless your kind heart queen.

With awe
W. A. R. (we are renegades) xoxo

Bless you. x

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