Fuq This Sheeet!

Dear Reader,

I just wrote 4500 words or so, of very meaningful stuff, which just got lost!

I spoke about and explained how time isn't linear and used computer tabs as an example/analogy. I spoke about how I'm brand loyal (the operative word being LOYAL) and how I like Mercedes Benz because it reminded me of my father. I wrote about so much sheeeet and *POOF* all gone. I wrote about how I like things because I'm drawn to them, not because they are on trend, and I explained exactly why this is, due to the space-time continuum and how the energy of an entity should be what we like about it, not what others like about it. Fuck! I'm not even making sense, am I? Bloody hell.

I will try some other time. All the words I wrote WILL be written again. Just not today. My post being lost is: Ignorance 1 - 0 Enlightenment. I lose today, but the war is still not lost. Fuck! I feel sabotaged and it's just my phone that couldn't handle the load of the post. Crap!

I even said something using alteration with the words demoralized, demotivated and some other word staring with "de...". No worries though, inspiration doesn't come to me, I find it, so when I have the energy I shall write about this. I even mentioned that "don't burn bridges" only means that one should "build" bridges, and that it doesn't mean standing for people's abuse because the universe will build you an aircraft to fly over burned bridges if the burned bridge stands in the way of your deepest desires.





Veronnica Wolpendz is hella annoyed! (I speak in 3rd person, yes!) Even so, I still wish you all Love, Peace and Power!


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