Just One Of 'Em Days Again.

Greetings sentient humanoid Earthlings,

I've got nothing to say, really, but since I'm sleeping every 48hrs these days, I have an extra five to eight hours to blow, hours which I would've used for sleep had I been a normal human. They call it insomnia. I call it my natural drug. It's the only thing I do that spaces me out and puts me in a wired, toasted sort of high space of mind, but I only get high twelve hours from now, so I'm still kosher, but only by the skin of my teeth.

*I just spaced out. I got distracted by the television in front of me. I'm looking at this guy's arms on the telly, and although they are muscular, they look a bit deformed. Anyway...*

I'm not particularly uncomfortable, or tired. In fact, I'm so alright that my memory is still fine because I just remembered that it is time for Dragonball Z. Goku is fighting this android called Cell, I think, and the sparring is very exciting, what with super human strength, speed and vanishing in thin air, and all. Exciting times!

It's a public holiday here in South Africa (dear Lord. For a moment I thought I had typed "pubic" instead of "public") and it is named Youth Day after a group of young people stood up for their rights and created a revolution against being taught in the language of the oppressor, i.e. Afrikaans. Ugh... Google it. It's worth the read.

Holidays, like weekends and other special days like pay day or whatever people do that's different from their norm, make no difference to me because I have no off days, or do I mean, I have no on days? Either way, I don't feel public holidays and when I do feel them, it is usually because I'm annoyed that I couldn't get something done because people were M.I.A. or because a shop closed earlier than I anticipated.

Yesterday was the 100 minute long Lunar Eclipse. The Moon was full and then it disappeared to reappear again. A lot of hype surrounded this mundane phenomenon. I decided to use this time to do some energy cleansing and release work. It worked wonders because I felt very calm thereafter, following a day where I was channeling Naomi Campbell with temper tantrums and the works. I didn't throw any telecommunication devices, but only because I'm frugal (cheap) and wouldn't destroy a gadget that is in good condition.

Oh, yeah... I'm going back to the studio next week. I need to remove those darned old songs on MySpace and put new ones up. I also need to get new material to enter in Indie charts on the net to see if I've still got it. You know, to flex my musical guns and see if I can make anyone do a double-take and notice. Also, hopefully I can get some haters. Apparently, you ain't shit without haters, and it's either my haters are mute or non-existent. Therefore, I need to get that done, i.e. Get some haters. No, no, I am joking. I would like lovers, not haters. Haters are so dull.

What else is there to say? Hmmm... *shrug* I suppose, that is all. Yeah, that's right. Now, I guess I'll go to twitter and blab on and on there until I pass out. Click on the picture on the head of this blog to go directly to my twitter profile.

Ciao, my dears.
Everything happens for a reason. (yeah that's random but true)

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace and Power!


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