Say What?

Dear Reader,

For a while now I have been unable to come up with a worthy subject matter for these blogs. Usually I would leave it until I know what I want to discuss, but not this time. For some reason, I need to write. I don’t need to sing, to speak, to run nor to think, but to write. This usually happens when I am tense, just by the way. So, I put on this song called “Silent Spring by Massive Attack” and listened to it to see what emotions it evoked in me.

I don’t know what she (Elizabeth Fraser) is saying in the song and I am making it a point to only look at the meaning of her words once I have explored my emotions. I am curious to see whether I will get her meaning even if I don’t understand the language. I am curious to see the transcendental power of music through this song. (Side note: French Hip-Hop is better than American Hip-Hop. Yeah, I said IT!)

When I listen to this song I feel a deep sense of longing. I am longing for something that I once knew; something that I have long searched for but failed to find. I feel the part of my heart that is usually masked by cynicism and sarcasm melt away leaving me a bit naked and saddened. I also feel as if the denial of my pains is silenced and I am forced to see the truth of what is inside me. This song sounds like a lullaby, as if I had been crying from feeling alone and lost then having someone come to me to tell me that they understand and that everything is going to be alright because “this too shall pass”.

This song is comforting yet heartbreaking. It is a great paradox and thus it is a reflection of life itself – the representation of Yin and Yang through sound. It is crying tears, but not of pain, or joy – but of surrender. It feels as though one is surrendering to the truth of a bleak yet mundane truth. That bleak and mundane truth being that no one can save us but ourselves; no one can fill that longing because that longing is us craving to be connected with our godselves, our higher selves, our inner God.

Now, let me see what the lyrics say:

Boy brought power
To b-obey
Hear me call
To b-obey
To b-obey
I seek him clothe
Come shush-hush
A shrewd bow to b-obey (we are but bound to b-obey)
I seek him clothe (we are but bound to b-obey)
Come shush-hush (we are but bound to b-obey)
A shrewd bow to b-obey (we are but bound to b-obey)
I seek him clothe (we are but bound to b-obey)
*frowns and looks around*

Say what?

Well! I was way off it seems. Firstly, I didn’t think the song was even in English! Ha! Honestly, the first thought that came to mind when I read the lyrics was, “What the fuck?” I think they are speaking gibberish. “to b-obey”? Huh? To what?
I am laughing so hard right now.

Anyway, that was fun. I totally read too much into this song, but maybe, knowing Massive Attack, they did it on purpose so that we find our own meaning to the song and maybe they asked Liz Fraser to just utter noises that sounded like words? I swear to god, I thought it was French!

Ha! This song is officially a mind-fuck. (excuse the language but my mind is boggled).

Well, that’s all I have for this week. *shakes head*

Have a Good One,
Veronnica Wolpendz loves you!


Jade Malkemus said…
I thought it was french as well, and I'm still not 100% sold that the lyrics are even English. I feel like someone listened to the song and tried to extrapolate english words out of the sounds they heard, in a song that makes no freaking sense. ("I seek him clothe?" what??) I was told it was her style of singing. How did they put it? Melismatic. Apparently it's "the singing of a single syllable of text while moving between several different notes in succession." Which might explain the "to b-obey" and... well... everything else.

I still think it's a different language though, haha!
Inana said…
Hahahahahah! Thanks for your comment Jade. I laughed reading it.

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