It's My Birthday Today


It's the 13th of September, and it is my birthday. I honestly don't know how to feel about birthdays. They never excite me nor do they depress me. They are just like other days, apart from the wonderful fact that I receive text messages and phone calls from my loved ones wishing me a good day and telling me how much they love me. I appreciate this day only because it connects me further to those I love, but other than that...

As for what activities I should partake in on my birthday, I am unsure. I think I have taken the special out of birthdays because there is nothing I can only do on my birthday that I haven't done on any other day. I can buy a cake, and have bought a cake and put candles on it just for the heck of it. I do spoil myself regularly. I usually do all the things I like to do, like connecting with friends on a regular basis... So... I don't get birthdays.

These days are one of those things about being human in this day and age that I do not understand. Maybe someone can enlighten me on what I am supposed to do differently to make my birthday, "special" because (not to sound smart-ass or anything but...) everyday is special to me.

I can say this for sure though, is that on my birthday, I am always filled with guilt that I am not making the day more special and somehow I always feel relieved when the birthday is over. The day has too much pressure. I am also usually disappointed (in an "I told you so way") that the day turned out just ordinary in its uniqueness. So... on the note of birthdays being mediocre... I am off to wash the dishes.

Have a wonderful day. I plan to have one too, but not because it is my birthday, but because I always try to have a good day, and most days, I usually achieve it!


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