I Have Arrived!

On Air

Greetings Guys,
This will be a music update blog, not one of my rants about the degradation of humanity, as I usually rant. Most of you must be relieved because it has been years of listening to me go on and on… but, not this week. This week I am excited and relieved. This week I am happier and more relaxed, but it isn’t because I am high on some Mary J or something;  it is because I am on a natural high derived from sheer joy and gratitude.
I don’t mean to rub it in anyone’s face, but life has done a total 180 and I find myself in a good space when it comes to my career. For starters, I have found a savior in my manager. He is not only focused, but he is also brilliant and an old friend to boot. He has totally transformed my music career because he is incredibly goal orientated and passionate about the product he is pushing (the product is my music, in case you thought he is pushing drugs I cooked up).
I am going to be finally releasing my first single for the country of South Africa to hear on their radio stations. I have not had radio play here in South Africa before and I can’t wait to hear my song being pumped on the airwaves. It is going to be such a nice trip to know that my song is being listened to by thousands of people. Secondly, I am shooting a music video in a few weeks, which is going to be a novel experience for me as it will be my debut music video. Naturally, I am on diet but the diet went down the drain on my birthday, but I am currently trying to get back on the wagon, just as soon as I have the last slice of chocolate fudge birthday cake. So, I start with the diet tomorrow again. Of course, this means that I will be doing a new photo shoot, and when my video and my photos are done, I will claim that they weren’t retouched, even if they were. So, please don’t ask me because I will lie to you, unless the pictures and video manages to look good.
What else?
Oh yes, I am going back to the recording studio to lay down the rest of the album. Again, I will say, that I am so grateful for quitting the cancer sticks because my voice is so much stronger. I can confidently record a song knowing that I am sounding good. This means that I can concentrate on singing and playing, instead of concentrating on what people will hear when they hear my weak, shaky voice.
I also have a band now. I plan to be gigging with them for the general public from mid-October onwards.  Nothing excites me more than this. To play with a band is so much more dynamic and the vibe of having that connection with the listener is a total turn on for me, therefore I can’t wait for everyone to hear how I sound with my band. It is going to be off the chains!
Last but not least, I will not have a launch party as people usually do. I will instead have a listening session, which is more intimate and personal, more my style. This would be an evening where I come out to the press and whoever is invited, and serenade them all night (an hour or 15 minutes more), and give away my CD and press pack. That evening will be me saying, “Here I am and I have arrived”, hoping that the invited guests take me as I am.
So, yeah… good times are ahead. I am cranking this thing up a notch now. I can’t wait! Are you excited because I am?
Have a wonderful weekend,
I hope you are celebrating with me.
Veronnica Wolpendz loves you!


Carrie said…
Baby girl, I am so thrilled for you! Good things come to those who wait... Eish, and it definitely is about time! I cannot believe I know someone famous! Sad I wont be in SA though, so you'll have to DHL/FedEx me a copy of this CD, ja?
Famous? Me? Not yet, love. But, don't worry about the music. I will send it to you or you would be able to find it online.

Thanks girl!

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