Rage Against My Machine!!!!

Rage Against the Machines

I've been chopping and changing this blog for the last 8 hrs and now I am thoroughly exhausted; so much so that I found myself wishing for a drink, and maybe a small cigarette to accompany that. BUT, I can't have those two so... I'll make myself a cup of tea instead, herbal tea of all teas!

Anyway, I am going to post this stupid blog that has nothing to do with anything, as a test to see what happens when I post another blog. I seem to be creating this blog through trial and error, so wish me luck please. Or better yet, wish me strength!


P.S. I kind of hate creating pages. It took me eons to do my MySpace, so why in the world did I think I could manage this? Well, for the same reason that many of you swear to never drink again, only to find a drink in your hand five days later. Time heals all wounds, doesn't it?


qwerty said…
i lol'd hard at this post. creative girl ;)

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