Just One of 'Em Days...!


There are just days when nothing works out as one planned. I am so annoyed that my hands are shaking. Of course, with that said, it means that this blog that I am writing will also come to no fruition since I am doomed for failure today. Days like these remind me of that Limp Bizkit song, "Break Shit" if I remember the song name correctly; and unfortunately I can’t break anything I own because everything I have is of value and use. So, I will just muse and fantasize about breaking shite.

It all started with waking up at two in the afternoon today. The plan was to wake up in the morning, but instead I woke up near day’s close with a sore body, disorientation and just feelings of not being right. Maybe the start of the day should have been a clue as to how things will unfold today, and from then onwards I should have just given up on doing anything of substance and watched tv instead. I didn’t heed the warning, and thus I endeavored to make something of my short day.

Big mistake!

I went online to register a domain for my “brand” (I hate using that word “brand” because it makes me sound like Paris Hilton) and then I ran into some problems, namely, lack of information because I was greeted with the following problem. If I register my blog as my own domain, would I be limited to Blogger/Blogspot’s formatting, or would I be given a domain which I could shape any way I choose? Is my question even comprehensible? As you can see, I am no expert when it comes to web design. I am a musician and my expertise is song-writing, not designing websites, so when I found that I could not go further until I am better informed, my spirits were thwarted and I was left quite disappointed. I had many things to do when my domain was registered, but since it is not yet registered, I am still at square one in that depatnement, and there is no worse square to be on than ONE.

Of course, I should get a web-designer to do my work for me, and so I will. The next step is to put up a request for a web designer on facebook, myspace and twitter because those that are in my life are not assisting or referring me to someone to help. Whatever! I will get my domain, and it is happening this month. So, that was that which didn’t come to anything, and all of which occurred before I had “breakfast”.

I then fixed myself some breakfast, my favorite meal of the day, and to cheer me up I decided to make my favorite thing to eat, bananas (get your mind out of the gutter) and nuts (again, out of the gutter, please!) and so I made a banana open sandwich with some cashew nuts on the side and a glass of slightly sweetened milk. There was no question that this meal was going to perk my spirits up a bit, and so it was to great disappointment that this wonderful feast turned out to taste like the bottom of my feet. It didn’t make sense at all, but I ate my breakfast as if I was trying to force down a pork chop, with huge difficulty and discomfort. Therefore, what I had hoped to go well, a great meal which had been tried and tested many a times, failed.

Reluctantly I finished the stupid meal and went to have a bath only to find that the bath was dirty with what looked like grains on fine sand which had crusted on the bath. Note that I am easily nauseated so not knowing what the hell it was that was in the bath bothered me, but we will say it was fine grains of sand, okay? I doused it with bleach and soap and cleaned it with clenched teeth. Of course, after that, the bath was well below satisfactory because I bathed disgusted by the memory of what I saw in the bath previously. Right there, I should have given up on doing anything of substance, but I thought to do something else to make waking up worth something.

So, I decided to whip out my guitar from its case and plug it into the speakers and jam alone (by the way, jamming alone is diamond! I am most free when playing alone). So, as I sat there, guitar plugged in, ready to be tune, I realized that the battery was dead. I either left the battery on in my guitar the last time I used it, or it was nearing its shelf life anyway, but either way, it means that I couldn’t hear my guitar playing through speakers because there was no battery in it, and I couldn’t even tune the damned thing to my satisfaction without a battery because I am now dependant on the tuner. So, above discovering that I am no longer sharp at tuning without external help, that activity came to nothing as well. And, that is how I ended up writing a blog because my computer is still working, but not completely.

My 3G connection just went bust a few hours ago and went from 3G HSPDA to GPRS, and if you know anything about these bandwidth connections, you will know that GPRS is next to useless as it is so slow that even Google has trouble loading, Google being like the lightest and most economical site to visit. So, GPRS is bull shite. Anyway, I hope that I can post this blog with all these Internet wireless problems, otherwise, this blog would have been one more thing that didn’t work out today. If there is no image with this blog, it would have been because of the GPRS, not because I am lazy.

And, excuse all the swearing today. I am just livid and the cussing is happening almost uncontrollably. “Almost” uncontrollably because if my mother called, I wouldn’t swear while speaking to her, but… because this is my blog, and because my mom doesn’t even know what a blog is, it means that she will never visit this sight and read this, so unfortunately for you, it is total anarchy today. With all that said, I guess it’s okay because I haven’t said “fuck” yet… oh, well… there I said it.


P.S. One thing that was great today is that I had a nice phone from an old and dear friend with whom I hadn’t spoken to in a while. Surprisingly, the phone call occurred without any mishaps.

Best Regards,

Veronnica Wolpendz

P.P.S. I think I want take-out today because I wouldn't want to touch a stove and burn the place down, let alone burn my hands!

Okay, Bye Now!!


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