My Day Through The Stars!

Hey there,

I have very nice transits (astrology) these last few days, and there are still more to come, including my Venus Return which will happen on the 26th of July, I think. In the meantime, I have transiting Venus trine my natal Neptune, which is a very romantic time for me - useless but romantic since all I do is float on cloud nine, swooning and dancing the Vietnamese Waltz in my head.

This transits makes me seem hot and ethereal to people. Or... it makes me think I seem that way! LOL!

I have started packing for my holiday, which will be a month long, a romantic getaway with my lovely manfriend and lover (don't those words sound creepy, yet doesn't boyfriend sound juvinile?). My only worry with the holiday is how I am going to minimize my luggage, or how on Earth I am going to choose which shoes to leave behind. It might sound like a trivial problem to you, but trust me, I am a Virgo, and no item of clothing in my wardrobe is without purpose, especially over a month long period. So, for the time being, I am trying to see what I can leave behind and the next transit (astrology) shows exactly why this is a problem. I am in a period of abundance, weight-gain, indulgence and expansion. Being minimalist is therefore a difficult concept to understand and an improbable act to implement.

I do feel bloated but that's just hormonal water-retention that I experience every month. So I have definitely expanded.
In fact, the days are so good when I am not crying for nothing that my dear landlady and housemate got me a flower on Friday and it bloomed yesterday. I couldn't appreciate it yesterday because the scent was irritating my senses as I had a short stint of an ear, throat and nose infection, which is now healed, thanks to Spirulina, Ginseng, painkillers and sleep. In fact, I got good news during the week, which I can't yet share because that's the nature of the beast in our entertainment industry. Everything is shrouded in secrecy until it is finished. I hate that because for the long time I spent "paying my dues", I find great pleasure in announcing and celebrating how things are changing for the better suddenly. I guess, transiting Venus sextile my natal Pluto is on point as I am transcending beyond my shackles of waiting for good fortune. Finally!!

Venus is not just about love and sex, but it is also about money. So, you can replace the words "love" with money as you read this, if you like. Or include the word "money". 

I am very relieved that fate had the decency to have such impeccable timing because with the changes that are going on in my family, work and love life, I have managed to be at a place where I can handle the changes with the grace that I desire. There is nothing I dislike in life than rushing things because of ill preparation. Sure, most things that I am experiencing in life now I could not have planned for because they are quite serendipitous, but I can say that I made sure that when the time came for such changes, I was ready to rock. If I sound cryptic, it is intentional. I can't say much. All I can say is that, I am ready.

I am ready for love. I am ready for peace. I am ready for power. I am ready for the spotlight. I am ready for recognition for my work. I am ready for never-ending gratitude. I am ready for ALL my dreams to come true. Some people happen into their dreams and destinies, not knowing how they ended up where they are, and giving credit to their luck more than their skills. I am different. I am not one to trip onto good fortune. I have to work hard and tirelessly to be rewarded. I have to choose where I desire to go, and then I have to constantly go in that direction until I arrive at my destination.

I am not saying that life is perfect for me. I doubt that life can ever be perfect for anyone on Earth as long as some of us still suffer because we are one organism and if one section of the human organism is infected, it affects the whole. What I can say though is that, besides the unavoidable pain of being human for the time being, I am working hard in raising the vibration of the Earth into a place where we are all forced to choose love, peace and power and reject fear and pain.

I am quite an emotional person, so I'll be very caught up in feeling good, and probably crying tears of joy. Smh! 

What's fortunate about me, and what I am very grateful about, is that, for the last few years, I have tried by all means to show myself as I am, the good and then bad. Regardless of this, I have people who love me warts and all. I can safely say that it was a risk to reveal myself as I am. I did lose a lot of people, but the ones I gained are so much better, so much more loving and so in tune with me. I am constantly amazed that people actually love me for who I am. Of course, there are those who detest me for who I am, and we don't care about those. No, the important ones are those that love me, support me, and build me up - those who love me for my complexities, quirks, passionate and intense nature. I love them too. My loved ones have afforded me a rare thing, i.e. freedom to be.

Okay, the end.



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