Fuck Good Time People...

Hey there,

When I interact with people, I don't sweat the small stuff. I look instead to the character defining traits that are enough for me to deem a person a friend or a foe. It's true, isn't it, that honor and duty have been depleted in this world. Only a few still have these old-fashioned values that remind us that we are all part of one species. The rest just remind you that you are alone and they don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. In the meantime, you care for such ingrates!

The reason why I am thinking about this is that, for the last two days, I have literally been bed ridden from pain, most of it physical, and a little mental. I had to order pizza for breakfast yesterday because I couldn't stand in the kitchen for long. The people I was having a good time have chosen to ignore this about me. I am alone in it. But, when the good times were rolling, it was all partners in crime, having laughs and what I thought meant more than just good times. Now that I can't party and laugh because I am all sorts of physical pain, there is silence. There is no one to be seen. I'm glad this showed itself early enough before I hung out longer with such people.

Life has a very beautiful way of teaching me lessons by reminding me to stick to the ones I know and love and make no new friends because yet again, it has been proven that, people don't care for the human that I am. They merely care for the prob I am for fun times. I can't help but appreciate those who are there for me in dark times, in painful times and in hard times. It's a pity that it took a bad experience to appreciate my real friends. These new people that are coming into my life now... I have no faith in them anymore. In fact, as I said before, I am not making any new friends now. Therefore, I will not care, invest my time on them or even spend time with such people. I would rather watch tv than be around people who are not present when shit goes down, but who are there only during the good times.

You know who you are...


Gloves are off, at your insistence.
I guess, we are foes.

At least we know where we all stand, so no fake smiles and insincere niceties when paths cross.

Now let me drink more painkillers and hope to sleep.



Craig Victor said…
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