Looking For a Band!! (Reference Music Attached!)

Hey there...

I am looking for musicians to accompany me. 

1. Rehearsals will begin in mid Aug. 

2. The gig late Sept. 

3. I need 2 back up vocalists. Female. Alto and Soprano

4. I need: 
  • Drummer, 
  • Bassist, 
  • Keys 
  • Guitarist. 
**No jazz musicians** 

I have my reasons for this. Rock players are most welcome. Even live hip-hop players are welcome. Rock is preferred due to my chord progressions even though I do not sing or play rock music.

5. If it works out, what comes up could be my permanent band.Spread the word. I want people who know how to play. Prodigies. It doesn't matter how long you have been playing. I just need you to be good and able to interpret my compositions. I am a guitarist too, so... We'll play together. 

6. The sound: The Roots, Asa, Alicia Keys soul, D'Angelo, Adele, Amy Winehouse's, Nora Jone's and Corrine Bailey-Rae's type of band. Therefore, the drummer is the back-bone of this operation. The Bassist is the mastermind. 

Ref Music: 


The Roots

Alicia Keys



Amy Winehouse

Nora Jones

Corinne Bailey- Rae

Listen to the drum and bass. 
The drums are simple in most cases, and the bass is simple.
The keys guy has to be versatile for effects and adding strings.
The guitarist assists me with my guitar playing either as rhythm guitarist or as lead while I sing and play rhythmically.



P.S. We have a sound engineer already, but he has a lot on his plate, so if you think you can cut it, let me know for future consideration.


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