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Luna =Moon. Lunatic = Moonlike. That is all. 
Dearest Reader,

I was about to sleep. I had my barely there crop top on, I had my earplugs on, and I was gulping on some water when I asked myself, "What would people remember you for when you are long gone?" and the first answer is always that cynical side of mine which said, "They'll remember you for being a crazy heifer, is what." And then I laughed.

Then I mused about it all, and yes, I am crazy but I am not the craziest. As a matter of fact, I am the healthy crazy type, the one that still expresses it, not the ones who are just waiting for you..., waiting for you to say something wrong, do something wrong before they shoot you, pour hot porridge on your ass while you sleep, or worse, waiting to slit their wrists, take that overdose, or whatever fatal action to avoid the pain, humiliation, and whatever else that's driving us crazy in general.

What do I do when I lose it? I write. I cry. I bitch and moan about it until I am satisfied that I have been heard. As a matter of fact, I complain about whatever it is that is bothering me until I have had enough of hearing myself complain, until I am telling myself to shut it. I seldom suppress my feelings, good or bad. It's also how I mastered the art of getting over things over a week. You need to let it out in order to move on. And letting go of whatever it is, whether it be the past, current pain, or insecurity, always happens in an ugly way, so don't expect to let go of dysfunctions and still be fabulous while doing it. You can be fabulous after; not during the act of letting go.

Yep. That's True!
I have often wondered what people think of me, just out of curiosity. Do they think I am crazy, smart, radical, weird, frightening? Not many people tell me what they think of me. I don't particularly want to know, but on days like these, I get curious. Why would I get curious about such? Is it insecurity that drives us to know what people think of us? Is it a search for validation for what we do that makes drives us to find out what people think of us? Or is it both? Either way, the bottom line is: rather not know the thoughts of those who don't know you. Yep! I can live by that.

If people think I am crazy as I suspect I am, then like me, they fail to realize that I am merely showing the world my "craziness" unlike the rest of you... yes, you! You who is faking being normal when there is no such thing as "normal". What's being crazy anyway? Is being expressive of one's emotions, good or bad, craziness? Or, am I being natural? I mean, we have all seen it on social networks, people who for the last 365 days have been "winning" and just never having a dull, blue day. Then, there are those who are so honest about how they feel, they make us all so uncomfortable that we wish they would stop expressing themselves. Are these overtly expressive people at fault, or are WE at fault for either entertaining them or judging them? I don't know? I just have questions, really. I have no answers right now. All I know is that my Moon In Cancer was not Conjunct my MC (Moon Conjunct Midheaven) for nothing. I was born to speak publicly but whether famously or infamously, is still to be seen.

What will I be remembered for?

I hope I am remembered for being honest, true and natural. If we meet and I smile at you, you can be certain that it is real. Imagine that, in a world filled with uncertainty, I give you something genuine. Not much, but hey...

Howard Hughes: Crazy, exy man-genius.
Ugh, now the nausea returns. Please, don't let it be hyperpituitarism again. If it is, which when I think about it honestly, it most likely is, it means that I need to leave town (jhb) for a short bit and go to the coast (kzn) to my usual doctors who know how to deal with me when I start acting like a hormonal, pregnant woman. Last time I did a CAT scan, I didn't have a brain tumor, but maybe it has grown and is now visible? LMAO!

Okay, we can be certain of one thing out of all of this, and that is, I am a hypochondriac. But, I do feel a little funny. I'm not like myself. Lot's of headaches, nausea, and volatility which I haven't experienced since 3 years ago. I'm ascending. LMAO!

Let me go to bed.

Veronnica Wolpendz
Love, Peace, Power

P.S. You can spell the words CRAZED, ZEAL, PANIC and WEIRD from veronnica wolpendz. :) and here is a list of Crazy People you should know about. Maybe then you can see how overrated sanity is.Also, look at these 7 Eccentric Genius Who Were Clearly Just Insane.

"Almost no one was "Glad" to be their friend until they became famous."


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