Dear Reader,

Gaea!  So beautiful!
The Earth is going through some changes. I am speaking about the Earth in its entirety. Yes, Gaia is changing but its people are also changing. You see... whenever there is a global event, always look within to see what this macro-event is mirroring that is going on inside of you, in you micro-world. In other words, what manifest physically is a result of what has occurred internally. What manifest physically on a global scale is a result of the collective consciousness. What manifests physically in our immediate world is a result of our individual consciousness. We all contribute to the collective consciousness. Always remember this, and so, during such times when the world is going through disasters, when old structures are being broken down, when death occurs, when the hidden is uncovered; look within and ask yourself what disaster you have experienced, what old structures broke down within you, what has died in your life and what truth have you just uncovered. The fact is, my dear readers: WE ARE ONE!! Half the earth can not go hungry without YOU feeling empty too, and their stomachs being empty can manifest in another form of emptiness in YOU (mind, soul, etc). Half the earth can not die without YOU dying too. With every death the world experiences, we change and our old selves die. What happens to your brother and sisters IS most definitely happening to YOU. The only difference is the degree in which it is happening and also how well you are masking it (denial). 

When you see me, remember that what you see is your other self.
Nothing happens on Earth that we don't feel. Just because you have come to disconnect yourself mentally from your brethren doesn't mean that you are actually disconnected. Just because you have convinced yourself that you aren't hurting, that you don't feel alone, that you are not afraid, doesn't mean that it is true. You will see the truth sooner or later. You can't lie to yourself for long. 

For a long time, Africa has been suffering from hunger and disease, with mass deaths and genocides from wars while the world was drinking their wines, and getting their cheddar, convincing itself that all is fine; but wondering why they were losing loved ones from diseases and violence even in the most prosperous of countries. This is because WE ARE ONE! If a pauper is crying, know that a king cries also. it might be for different reasons. The Universe just manifests the situation; it doesn't care about the cause. While others long for water, you could be longing for love. We all feel the same things because WE ARE ONE. How it is orchestrated that we feel these things is up to each of us. 

The Universe spoke, and you didn't listen.
My friends, the Universe will always present you with another opportunity if you lost one. For example, if you "lose" something, you will find another that serves the lost thing's purpose. The Universe is filled with everlasting abundance. Therefore, if Africa's strife wasn't enough for you to wake up and smell the roses, and if other disasters that followed weren't enough to wake you the F*** up, then the Universe will just give you more opportunities until you get it. Get it?

You may ask yourself what it is that we are suppose to "get" and understand that the Universe is trying to show us, and that is simple. It is that WE ARE ONE! I am YOU. YOU are ME. Even the term "WE" is not correct because it suggests separation. The correct way to say "WE ARE ONE" is "I AM", but due to our primitive understanding of who we really are, and due to this primitive thing called language, I shall use the term "We Are One" to demonstrate my point, even if the term is contradictory. You see... "WE" implies a plural. A plural is many things. For many things to be, there must be separation of those things, otherwise there wouldn't be a plural but a singular entity. Anyway, I am losing my thought string here. The fact is "WE" can not be "ONE". "I" is "ONE" but for the purposes of getting my point across, we will go with "WE ARE ONE". 

I AM. YOU AM. Get it? 

I know, we live in a relative realm mixed with a touch of absolute knowledge, so we are at a point as humanity where we are a little confused because we have been programmed to believe what we see. When I speak to people, I speak to them as if I am speaking to my other self, i.e. my annoying self, my happy self, my boring self. I view every human I meet as my other personalities, not as different people. This might explain why I speak with such familiarity with people. Sorry, if I have made you uncomfortable with this, but at least you know why now. So, if I say something to another, I try by all means for it to be what I think is best for me in another body (my other self).

Since we see the other person in front of us, and they don't look like us, we tell ourselves that we are separate, but a new found knowing has come upon us, and that is we FEEL that this idea of ourselves is not too true. We have these longings, all of us do, of something better than what we have on Earth. This is not because we are unappreciative of who we are. This is because we are starting to recognize who we are. We are starting to FEEL that we are Godly, and this is where the longing comes in, because we are unknowingly remembering who we really are. We are in a state of being where we are getting memories of a life we "never" lived, and this is that empty feeling inside of us, this is the cause of the loneliness amongst people. Our bodies are separate, but we have a feeling that they shouldn't be, due to a distant remembrance of the fact that WE ARE ONE being (I AM). Ugh!! This is tough to articulate. Words aren't coming easily today.

Me, smiling, playing ze geetarrr

It is good and well to know, but let's be wise and apply what we know. I know as humans, we should be connecting and coming together. I can't change the world, but I can change my immediate world by changing my actions. In other words, I am becoming the change I want the world to be. I am the type of person who doesn't wait for things to be done for me. I am also the type of person who doesn't complain about something if I am not willing to change it. You can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I have asked, requested to meet, either for a coffee, or lunch but just to meet. If you ask anyone that knows me, I am open for connecting and communicating verbally, mentally or physically. *wiggles eyebrows* (Nah, I mean to touch, and hug and such. I've also been giving many massages lately.) It starts small, and then there becomes a ripple effect and the whole world changes. Yes, I do believe that I can change the world by my small contributions into the system. I believe that will all my heart. 

I believe that the more people I can make smile and laugh, the lighter the energy of the world shall be. I believe that the more I connect with people in my world, the more the world will connect. I believe that the more I speak with honesty and lack of fear, more people will do the same. I believe that the more compassionate I am, so shall the world be. I believe that the more I forgive, the more I love, the more I appreciate people, the more I acknowledge people, the more it shall happen on Earth. I believe that the more I laugh, the more laughter there shall be on Earth. Call me a dreamer, but I believe this. I have faith in this more than I have faith in food! (huh?) I NEVER ask of people what I can not do myself. That's just how I operate. 

And, yes... It is a calculative thing this because I do things consciously, or at least I try to. I never say a word or write a word, do an act and so on without a purpose. Sure, there is breathing that happens without my conscious effort, but I do most things in my life consciously, with intention and with purpose. The intention is to make this world a better place. I know this sounds like some hippy shite, and it probably is, but it is true. I do all I do in order to someday be in a better place - for you and for me. :) It's all selfish really. I know that I can never find peace and eternal happiness while my brothers and sisters are not. NEVER! Neither can you! Happiness can not last in our world because of this fact. Love and relationships are not healthy because the earth is not healthy. Ok? There would be NO complete peace on Earth even if only ONE person out of a billion was unhappy. 

Quality time! Connect!
Where was I? *Sheesh, my thoughts are scattered today*

I think I'll leave it there. My mind is all over the place. I will say one thing though - LET YOUR HEART GUIDE YOU! You will find yourself dreaming of people who you haven't seen in years, thinking of people you don't know, seeing people that look familiar when you don't know where you know them from. Or, you might find urges to be with certain people, to see certain images or to listen to certain sounds. Do it! These are opportunities, my friends. These are opportunities for you to say "hello" or opportunities to get you to say "hello". So, just do it and not think of it much. Yes, you might be labeled as unconventional (another word for psycho... lol) but what's more important? Your image and pride, or the welfare of our Earth and its people? 

Thank you for reading,

Tanya Junghans signing OUT! *drops mic. walks off stage*
Love, Peace and Power to us ALL!


Anonymous said…
Absoultuely beautiful. You have opened my mind to many other things. There are some notions that we already shared but there's something extra special about your thought-process (or emoting-process). Keep writing, friend.

Thank you Sisi

Thank you so much for taking time out to read. :) I am long-winded most times, so... All the best with your blog too. I am looking forward to learning how you think too.


Speak it Sister V!

And we all could use more sexual chocolate ROFL!
sexual chocolate!!!! lol

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